Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random List....Before My Head Explodes

I feel like I have a million things going on in my head and if I don't get them out I'll burst!

I also feel like I have a million things to do.  I think I'll make my to-do list here so I can cross stuff off.  Yeah, that will motivate me.

  • Read Nothing Daunted (checked this out from the library two weeks ago)
  • Read Laughing at Wall Street (free advanced copy)
  • Finish cutting out material for my Orange quilt
  • Finish planning Holiday Meals
  • Finish planning Elfcapades
  • Read Martha Stewart Living
  • Research The Nutcracker Tickets (nosebleed for $20)
  • Make a FAQ page for my blog 
  • Mail School Pictures to grandparents 

There.  That feels better already!


Last week, I won a $250 gift card to Zappo.  I bought two things with it.  A pair of knee high boots and a white v neck t-shirt.  I'm super excited about the boots and have decided to wrap my giant calves in compression wraps to make sure that they are small enough for the boots.  I'm also searching for THE best white v neck t-shirt.  I love them!

What I Wore

Speaking of fashion.  I've become obsessed with how I look since my son started Kindergarten.  I have worn make up and done my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY since August 18.  Even on the weekends, it's a habit now.  I love putting together outfits from my closet and buying jewelry from Charming Charlie to go with it.  My next mission.  A new handbag!  I've also been taking pictures of my outfits to keep track of them and will be posting them on my Facebook page.  If you aren't already....go like my page so you don't miss anything.  Do you have a fan page?  Leave me the link so I can like your page too.

Kim Kardashian

I don't like her....or her family, and her sudden divorce filing after 72 days is pissing me off.  I think that as punishment for being so ridiculous, she should have to stay married to Kris and spend every waking moment with him.  My intuition is telling me that everyone should boycott everything and anything KARDASHIAN. STOP the INSANITY!

Halloween and Friends

We had a GREAT time on Halloween!  And I don't have a picture to show for it.  We went later in the evening after Keith got home from work and it was a mad rush to put on costumes and I took one picture and it turned out crappy.  I'm going to dress them up again this week and take proper pictures.

The really great thing about Halloween is that we went trick or treating with our new friends from school.  Alex is friends with two sweet girls and I've really hit it off with them mother's.  We've become such good friends that we actually had a Girls Night Out Saturday night and went to a bar.  I came home at 1am.

My costume: Sexy PTA President


Are you planning yet?  Have you bought any gifts?  Are you going to see The Nutcracker?  There are only 51 days until Christmas!


I'm having so much fun pinning stuff!  I even created a board for the people planning my son's Winter Party for his Kindergarten class.  Are we friends on Pinterest yet?

I may be taking a short blog break (three day weekend?) to get my to-do list done!  If you don't see me...have a great weekend!


  1. I'm liking your to-do list! Those sounds like fun to-do's. Mine is stressful and boring. Want to trade? ;o)

  2. I'm so ready for Christmas this year and the only thing I've done so far is order tickets to ride the Polar Express the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'm trying really hard not to stress myself out this year.

    Who are the Kardashians again?

  3. Well my to-do list is drastically different than yours but here I am reading blogs which is NOT on my list of things to do today. I can't help myself.

    How did you win a $250 giftcard? I'm jealous.

    I'm sitting here braless and hair a mess so obviously, I don't put make up on or dress up every day. It kind of depresses me a little bit.

    Kim Kard is a joke. That whole family is a joke. I don't get it at all.

    I'm trying to get interested in pinterest but I'm only taking baby steps.

  4. So I am totally trying to get my Christmas shopping done but holiday MEAL PLANNING??? Really? How..what..why? I am confused! LOL

    The boots comment cracks me up! I need compression stockings for boots too! That's a great idea! I just don't wear them because of my fat calves!!

    How did you get the gift card? That's awesome!!

  5. i love making to do lists. i have a few different ones in mind, more a long the lines of a bucket list. i am addicted to pinterest and have been invited but i do not have a fb or twitter... whoops?


  6. I don't want to think about I have Allison's birthday, it will be on Thanksgiving this year. Then Ryan's is Dec. 5 then 20 days later Christmas. Stressing big time already lol

  7. Clue a sista in on how to win a $250 gift card to Zappos!

  8. Elfcapades?! Dear Lord, I hope you're going to post pics--sounds smashing....and like it should involve alcohol.

    I tend to add things to my to do list...that I've already done. Like "get a new box of kleenex out" or "take out the trash." Suddenly I've accomplished SO much more!

  9. The whole Kardashian thing is just nuts. I think there needs to be a boycott too.

  10. Great list!! I think I made one when my maternity leave started and I have yet to do any of them. I feel so unproductive!! 3 days and you're getting yours done is how I should be living. Pinterest is addicting...
    The Kim & Kris thing is a tad over talked now that I can watch crap tv all day but did you see the wedding 2 hour thing? I thought from that moment that Kris was a total asshat and jerk and didn't think it would last. I just think its sad they wasted all of that money and now the next guy she gets with will have to find some way to top that wedding. Its like a bad car accident, you don't wanna look but can't stop. Wow, I rambled!

  11. I feel like I have a million things to do lately too nd my creative blogging brain seems to have dissapeared with it.
    And yea the Kardashian thing is stupid.

  12. I don't have ANY time to be reading your blog yet here I am!!!!!!!

    I love your posts - they suck me in.

    And man, do you make a HAUGHT PTA Prezzy!!!


  13. A. post pics of the boots!
    B. I'm so over the whole Kardashian fam.
    C. I am obsessed with Targets boyfriend tee. for $8 it can't be beat :)

  14. wow, that is a great prize! how did you win it? can't wait to see the boots, and you should post the outfit pics on your blog, too!

  15. 250 bucks?! Dang sista! That's awesome!
    I have a whole bunch of crap I need to do. I should make a list so I can cross stuff off. That's my favorite part.
    Kim Kardashian makes me want to convulsively vomit.

  16. I just started How To Be An American Housewife - I can tell it's going to be a good read!

    We are going to the Nutcracker (well the girls in the house are at least). Can't wait!

  17. I haven't been to your FB page in ages... sorry, but I went tonight and you look AWESOME!!
    I completely agree with you about the Kardasians... hate them. Stupid wedding/stupid divorce!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!