Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten Things To Smile About

Here I am with post number three!

10 Things to Smile About with Emmy Mom. It's Emmy's birthday and since I didn't send her a present...I decided to grant her wish of joining her meme today!

1. This breakfast sandwich. Jalapeno Bagel Sandwich from Hi Rise in Denver. It's sausage, egg and jalapeno cream cheese on a bagel!

2. Funny stickers on cars.

3.  School pictures.

4.  Making Scariton's (also known as skeletons)  less scary.

5.  Hello Kitty.

6.  Funny Gift Ideas.

7.  My silly daughter.

8.  My son on his first field trip!

9.  Martha Stewart Magazine.

10.  Donuts.

What made you smile this month?

I'm doing Talk To Us Tuesday over at my food blog.  You're going to love what I've got to show you!  


  1. My son would want that dinosaur poop. He seen a doggie doo game on tv yesterday he wants. My silly boy interested in poop makes me smile.

  2. I am smiling reading your list! :D Hello Kitty is a style icon, isn't she!?!?!?

    Have and awesome-tastic day!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Bud. He is really growing into his personality and he says and does the funniest stuff all the time. He is a total comedian. Unfortunately for his sister it is sometimes at her expense.

  4. I LOVE school pictures!!! Alex's are so cute :)

  5. Those dounuts are totally making me smile.

  6. my diet pepsi, wearing scarves, my new view, and soup (since i haven't been able to eat a lot of real food due to my new piercing)

    great list! xoxo

  7. Great list! That bagel sandwich sounds so good! I have discovered these things called bagel thins and I love making sandwhiches on them.
    Your post made me hungry! Great list and thank you do much for linking up

  8. He looks so cute on that slide! Now that'a great field trip. And that jalapeno cream cheese sounds amazing!

  9. That bagel sandwich thing sounds amazing and I don't even like jalapano's!!!!


  10. that breakfast sandwich? TO DIE FOR. and the donuts. can you tell I'm dieting ;)

  11. My boyfriend is so cute! I love him.

    And I'm drooling over the donuts. FOR REAL. They look soooo good!

  12. LOL. Dinosaur poop excavation kit. I need to get one of those for my husband for Christmas. :o)

    Ohhhhh those donuts look heavenly! I am seriously trying to cut back, what with all this Halloween candy lying around. Why can't we be made to exist solely on sweets?!?! :o)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!