Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Win Christmas

Happy Tuesday! My son is on Fall Break this week so we are being lazy and watching lots of movies. Today, I want to talk with you and Impulsive Addict and Shawn about planning for Christmas.

1.  When shopping for presents for your friends and family....always throw something in for yourself.  A pair of gloves here, a sweater there....especially when they're on sale. You work hard to win Christmas and you deserve nice things.

2.  Make lists and check them thrice.
  •  gift ideas
  •  gift lists
  •  menu ideas
  •  actual menu 
  •  grocery list
  •  christmas card list
  •  things to do
  •  holiday activities
3.  Keep a detailed calendar with school events, family activities and deadlines for getting things done.  

4.  Buy wrapping paper as soon as something catches your eye.  This will be your color theme for the year.  

5. Buy LOTS of tape.  You can never have too much.

6. When shopping for gifts, if all else the person on your list Starbucks or Target gift cards.  

7. Download the GLEE Christmas Album.  

8.  Mail your out of town packages will beat the crowd and save your sanity.

9.  Don't over schedule your holiday.  Pick a couple fun things and spread them out through the month of December.  Allow for plenty of chocolate drinking and movie watching.

10.  Buy Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows and Wine in bulk.

If you plan ahead and shop can relax and enjoy the holiday with your family!

Connie's Christmas List

  • Silpat Mats
  • A Waffle Maker
  • Knee High Boots that fit
  • Elementary School Peace
  • A Coach Hangbag
  • Cheese
  • A case of red wine
  • A lifetime supply of K-Cups
  • Gluten Free Cookies

Are you addicted to Pinterest and need a Pintervention? Check out what I made here.


  1. This post has officially overwhelmed me. I'm FAILING this year and I can't figure out why I can't get my act together! I'm getting pissy. What is my deal? I'm usually almost done by now.

    I need to finish shopping, grocery shop for my side dishes and desserts, make picture Christmas cards, mail them, plan for Emma's bday party menu, buy cute wrapping paper, I NEED TAPE--obviously lots of it, and I haven't even thought about mailing my out of town gifts yet.

    But I WON'T be buying the Glee soundtrack. NO THANK YOU.

    I'm bookmarking your post. I will need to refer to it later.

    PS. Good luck with elementary school peace.

    Thanks for linking up. I'm off to visit your intervention b/c I need it.

  2. Make a list and start marking those items off!

  3. I adore your number 10 answer! If all the worlds ills could be solved by a big mug of hot chocolate or conversing over wine, what a great world we would have!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. LOVIN' your list! I'm with IA, I cannot seem to get my act together this year. I really like to be done Christmas shopping by the first of December so that we can enjoy the festivities. I'm a liiiiiitle behind.

    And I agree, one can never have too much tape.

  5. OH MY! THAT COMMERCIAL IS HILARIOUS!!! And your Christmas list is fab! Thanks, Connie! Great ideas.

  6. Lucy's Gluten Free cookies (at Starbuck's) are pretty good. I found out at a party, they also go well with wine. ;)

  7. I failed miserably at Christmas cards last year. I'm going to try to do better this year. Now to make a latter to go in them. Without sounding all braggy.

  8. I'm so unprepared for Christmas this year. I just started looking at gift guides and even thinking about what to get people, much less making a list. BUT I did buy one Christmas present yesterday.

  9. I'm also terribly unprepared for Christmas this year...I usually have lists going by early November, but I haven't done a THING yet! I haven't even bough a GIFT yet! ACK!! I need to follow your tips more closely :)

  10. Wow, your advice is rock solid, and I also want those silpat mats. I never see them anywhere though. I wonder where they hide. A CASE of red wine? LOL

  11. Great little article there, sista!

    I am proud to say that I have about 80% of mine done. HOLLA!!!!

  12. love this! I am done with my shopping but trying to keep the schedule from getting too crazy ;) Love the Elementary School Peace wish.

  13. You would love it if we sent you boxed wine for Christmas, wouldn't you?? I love those Target commercials.

  14. Wine in bulk!! YEA!! And I wish someone would come and update my calander for me - UGH! stopping in to follow from today's hop. Hope you can visit soon and return the favor - oh and check out my book that's on sale right now through Amazon - yes, that was a shameless plug but it is only $0.99 :)

  15. Okay, so how does a person wrap and give you cheese for Christmas? Great tips! I'm trying to convince myself to step outside of my comfort zone and go to black friday to see if I can save a few bucks... scared though. This might be a gift card year for everyone I know. I wish everyone would put a list together. it would make my life easier-- or, if they asked me for mine... I'd love that so I don't end up with some knock off bath & body crap that smells like hell each and eVeRy year!

  16. Those Target commercials kill me!!! :o) I love them!!!

    Okay, I totally remember you doing a post maybe back in JULY about preparing for Christmas and I thought about what a wonderful idea it was. Did I heed your advice? No. :o( I am officially one of those overwhelmed by the holidays people and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. You need to give a workshop on this sort of thing.

  17. I fail at Christmas every year! I think the only thing that makes me not fail ARE Starbucks giftcards because I basically give them to everyone as I lack creativity.

    I love that picture of you and Mallory and I especially love how she's giving the nutcracker man a suspicious look. I'd be suspicious too!

  18. Great tips! I haven't even begun Christmas shopping yet!

  19. bahahaha my work IS superior to others. I loved that clip... and will definitely be reposting it! this was a great list- is it good or bad that I ALWAYS buy wine in bulk regardless of the season? ;)

  20. Great list of reminders! And I love those Target commercials.

  21. I read this last week on my way to OK - can't remember if I commented or not???

    Anyways, Love number 7!!!!


  22. I agree with your whole list except for the Glee soundtract... don't like them, sorry. My favorite is number 10 - OH YEAH!!!
    I would SO love a lifetime supply of K-cups, they can get expensive.
    You are so organized, it gets me annoyed. =)


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