Friday, September 30, 2011

My Happy List

I'm having a really great week and thought it was time to list the happy!

Volunteering at my son's school.

I worked the PTA Welcome Desk for two hours yesterday, which I think now qualifies me to be a WalMart Greeter! And I stuffed the folders in my son's class which turned out to be the most stressful thing I've done in months! There was so much paper that needed to go home yesterday and sitting in a child's chair for 30 minutes made my legs numb.  Keith was also the crossing guard yesterday. We are volunteering fools!

FREE Starbucks.

I went through the drive thru after Malloy's tumbling class on Wednesday and the computers were down.  I got my Venti Iced Coffee for FREE.  Gosh I love that place!

I made a new friend.

We're in our third week of tumbling and Mallory is loving it.  There's another little girl in her class that she hadn't warmed up to yet, so I suggested to her that we try to make some new friends this week.  I sat next to Nia's mom and it turns out that we have TONS in common.

I had dinner with my parents.

As some of you know....I'm estranged from my family.  My parents came to town and asked to see us and apologized to me.  I think we can move forward now.  I'm so happy and the kids are over the moon to see their Grandparents again.


We're going on another short weekend trip and this time there is a train involved!  I can't wait to see the look on my kids' faces when they see where we're going!!

Rocky Mountain Carmel Corn

The Best Cabernet for $10

Toro De Piedra Cabernet Sauvignon!  Full bodied and a little spicy!  I love it!

Great Friends

I have the best friends that are kind and thoughtful!   I love you guys!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so glad that you are having a great week. You deserve it. I'll keep my fingers crossed about the whole family thing.

  2. I love your list of happiness!

    I can't wait to volunteer at Emmas school. They are uber important people you know.

    Free starbucks? JK would be jealous!! (I say eww).

    Yay for new friends!!! I've made a few recently too. =)

    I will be drinking wine tonight. We are eating Cuban food tonight. It will be my first taste of Cuban. ;)

    We ALL have mentally ill friends. It's very sad really. There is medication though. Thank goodness. And I keep hearing the term "blacklist". I suppose I'm on someones list.. Oh well. Sometimes I feel like I'm in high school again while floating around the bloggy world. I'm just trying to move on and avoid drama but it keeps coming back over and over again. HOW DO YOU MAKE IT STOP?

    Love your face, Connie!

  3. Dear Impulsive,

    I've heard that once you get rid of the COMMON DENOMINATOR that all of your drama disappears.

    You can also BLOCK drama.



  4. Had to create a new pin board for this one - 'Da Cocktail Buzz - I figured there will be some cocktail recipes that I will run across too and I didn't want to have too many boards so wine will go on this too. Maybe should call it Getting Trashed. :0

  5. Oh Pam! Getting Trashed is the perfect pinboard name!!

    You Rock!

  6. I love being at the girls school. It makes them feel so important to have Mommy there, at least until about the 5th grade then it's just social suicide to have me around!

    I love a good glass of deep oaky red wine. I'll be having a little red sangria tonight and by a little I mean a pitcher...all to myself!

    Mental people are the worst! We all have them in our life and they always seem to find a way in, no matter how hard you try to keep them out! Such is life, I say everyone needs to pull up their big panties, not let them get in a wad and move the freak on!

    Love you CW!

  7. Wonderful!!!! Sounds like a great week!

  8. Oh, I SOOOO hate drama. You'll never get that from me.

    I am thrilled about your parents saying they were sorry and that they came to see you and get together. That is so great and I hope things continue to improve with them.

    I adore your happy list - you made ME a little happier too! :)

  9. WHAT? A Happy LIst?? LOVE IT!!

    Seriously, I Love you to Pieces.

    I would never put you on a blacklist....nor would I ever start one....nor would I have any friends of mine start one......

    ridiculous how out of hand things can get.


  10. Ooo, this is all so great! Good news about your parents and it would be great to have a fresh start. And a friend? How fun for both of you!

  11. Dear Becca,

    Did you ever know that you're my hero?
    You're everything I wish I could be.
    I could fly higher than an eagle,
    cause you are the wind beneath my wings!


    Big Balls Connie

  12. I get all my inspiration from you baby.

    Hugs & Kisses


  13. P.S. Don't delete my comments.

    That's just not nice.


  14. Only sad the friend is not ME!!!

  15. I'm stuck at free starbucks- woohoo! glad things are on the mend with the fam

  16. I'm REALLY glad that you are working things out with the family!

    I tried to comment yesterday a couple different times but my computer was being weird.

    So I came back! I was feeling like I was missing something yesterday...and the comments made me KNOW I was missing something.

    How come you changed the last paragraph?

    But. Great happy list!

  17. Your happy list makes me happy :) I'm almost at the point where I can volunteer. Maybe next year when Jason's in preschool all 5 mornings :) Right now I need that time for me.

    And your hair is GORGEOUS!!!! As are you :)

  18. Love your list of happiness! I must try to find that wine. Yay for making up with your family and free starbucks!

  19. Mountains? I'm ao oblivious....Honestly, I kind of like it that way

  20. Ok, wait what? I read the comments, and what's this about a blacklist? That's the second time this weekend I'm hearing about this blacklist. That's crazy fool!

    I think you are pretty darn awesome and funny! I love reading your blog!!

    I totally get that "important" feeling and going into the school. I worked the student store Friday, and it was a blast! I love being on the PTA! Have fun this year, on your PTA!

  21. So happy to hear the news about your parents. This list was fabulous and I am so happy that you are happy!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!