Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All The Suckers I Can Eat

Now that Alex is away from home in the mornings....Mallory and I have more time to run errands and get coffee.

We have some great talks in the car and she sometime's makes me laugh until I have tears streaming down my face.

Today, we needed to go to the bank and she was very excited at the prospect of getting a sucker.  This led to a discussion about what she wants to be when she grows up.

At first she told me that she wants to work in a bank.  I had to laugh because I could see in her mind she was eating unlimited amounts of suckers.

I explained to her that when she is an adult....and has a job, she can buy as many suckers as she wants.  I heard a gasp from the backseat and she asked me if I was serious.  I assured her that I was.

I asked her if this changed what she wanted to do for work when she grows up and she said yes....she'd like to be a black girl.

I glanced up in my rear view mirror and I said, 'Really?  A black girl?' and she said, 'NO MOM!  A Blogger!'

I think I need to get my hearing checked.

In other news....at the *Kindergarten Lunch with Mom's* which I've dubbed Lunch and Learn...I was mistaken for the hot Danish Swedish Nanny that is employed by one of the classmate's parents.  I have to tell you...with only 6 days until my 41st birthday it was better than being carded for booze!


  1. Lol- that is quite two different career opportunities. And yes, it's all about unlimited suckers :)

  2. That is soooooo funny!!! I can just picture your face as you thought you heard other things.

  3. Ha! Now that is what I call a productive day.

  4. Haaaaaaaaaa! I wish people thought I was a nanny. A hot one. :)
    With my luck, they'd be like, "Oh, I thought you were the MANNY." LOL!
    We went to the bank today and my youngest was very excited to get a sucker! LOL

  5. I am sure you looked every bit the part of distinguished mom! But that is a nice feeling!! I bet Mallory will make a great blogger! :)

  6. If my daughter said she wanted to grow up and be a blogger the same day I was mistaken for a hot Swedish nanny, I'd go out and buy many, many lottery tickets. That's one gooooood day.

  7. That is so funny!!! Does she know that she will also have to pay for her own dental bills too? ;) That is awesome that you were mistaken for the Nanny!!!

  8. I'd totally work for unlimited lollipops too! :)

  9. Being an adult is great, isn't it? All those suckers? ;)

    Woohoo you hot mama/nanny, you! :)

    When we were at Disneyland a few years ago I was asked multiple times if I worked as one of the princesses . . . does that count? ;)

  10. too funny!
    Once when I was driving thru HellMart parking lot, my youngest said, "Mooom!!!! I waaaant to ride the Asshole!!!!"

    What??? I nearly died right there!!
    I was at a loss. I know that children repeat things their parents say and I have NEVER said, "I want to ride the Asshole."

    I swear!
    I looked up in the rearview at her and said, "what? arrrre you talkin' about?"
    And she pointed at the coin operated Dumbo ride at the door of Hellmart.

    Cracked my ass up!!!

  11. I'm sure you looked amazing!

    I'm an adult and I don't have all the suckers in the world. Where did I take the wrong turn in life???

  12. A black girl? Bwhahahahaha! Yes, apparently at 40, you need to check the ol' hearing out!

    I worked at a bank for years. The unlimited amount of sucker excitement goes away at day 3. TRUST ME.

    A Swedish nanny? So you looked HOT, right?

  13. First of all...heck YEAH on the compliment! Who cares if you looked slutty - you got mistaken for a hot swedish girl! That's all that matters!

    Second, I just busted out laughing at the black girl/blogger comment!!! Freakin' hilarious!!! Both would have been awesome answers to that question!!! :o)

  14. A black girl... NOOOO A Blogger! That is HILARIOUS!! Kids say some of the most random things.

    Hot Swedish Nanny... that is awesome, I wanna look like a hot swedish nanny. Sigh.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!