Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confession: I'm Terrified...

of my son's Kindergarten teacher!

She is a nice looking gal.  I'm sure I'm old enough to be her mother older sister and that she is a very nice person.  She wears very conservative dresses and little sweaters that make her look....caring.  She wears her long hair up in a bun.

As you recall, I followed the supply list scavenger hunt to a tee because I didn't want to disappoint her and be THAT Mom that can't follow directions.  I wanted to impress her and show her that she can trust me.

I signed up to volunteer in the classroom to stuff the folders that come home on Thursdays.  Tomorrow is my assigned volunteer day.  And because I also want to impress the PTA president....I'm volunteering at the Welcome Desk for two hours tomorrow too.

Today I was standing in a group of Mom's and I was being told about something that happened to my son in the library that day that was upsetting*....when The Teacher opened the door and called my name.  I felt my face flare bright read as I hurried to the door, being careful to disguise my Venti Iced Coffee behind my back because I'm sure beverages are not permitted in the classroom.

I thought I was in trouble.

Turns out....she just wanted to show me where the supplies and folders were located so that I could do my job tomorrow....because she will be gone and a sub will be there in her place.

Now...I'm irritated because she won't get to see how well I do my job, or my cute outfit that I picked out just for this occasion.

*if you want to know what happened in the me.


  1. I want to know!
    She's young and wears conservative dresses, sweaters and her hair in a bun. Is she mennonite?

  2. I think teachers are way more intimidating than they intend to be.

  3. A sub and you have that great outfit? No Fair!!

  4. Don't feel bad. Teachers scare me too.

  5. I was scared of my sons Kinder teacher too. Now, I'm even more afraid of his 1st teacher. It's a dude. And for some reason, that scares me. lol!

    So what happened?

  6. fill me in! and she's probably jealous of your wit and charm :)

  7. Well hell yeah I want to know! Why am I having to ask?!!!?

  8. Oh, and I'm sure she will notice the wonderful job you;ll do and even though she won't see you you'll still look fab!

  9. Bummer to be wasting a good opportunity and outfit on a sub.

    Teachers can be scary, I like to think that I wouldn't have been one of those but when you're in charge of teaching 20 something kids I guess you have to have a lot of order and firmness or you'll end up with chaos.

  10. Even though I am older than many of my kids' teachers, I still can't call them anything but "Mrs. Smith" or "Ms. Brown." They've said, "call me Brittany" but I'm like yeah, no. I can't! It's because at heart I still want to be the Teacher's Pet.

    Fun fact: My 6th grader has 2 teachers. They are both younger women. They are closer in age to HIM than to me. Oi.

  11. She'll still be able to appreciate what you did even if she's not there.

    Every single one of Lexie's teachers has intimidated me. I think you're doing the right thing by getting involved and doing as much as you can. I just try to lay low and do the minimal required of me so as to avoid awkward encounters.

  12. I have always been afraid of the kids teachers - as if they are so much smarter than me and know what's best for my kids - ha! And then the year goes by and I really see who they are....give it a few more months....


  13. Ah, this all takes me back. It doesn't seem that long ago but I guess it was nine years ago that I was doing what we called Brown Envelope committee. I was spoiled by my daughter who the teachers wanted to clone. Our middle was a wall flower, but then came the caboose. I left one conference in tears and I have had to go to battle twice. You are an amazing mom and your babies are going to be just fine. They sure didn't tell us about this stuff in our prenatal classes did they. Oh wait, Mike and I decided after the first class that we were too cool for those people and skipped the rest winging the whole thing. Maybe we should have gone. :) Nah, I vote for winging it. Trust your instincts.
    So what happened in the library? :)

  14. Saw this on my Blogher feed and had to chime in. I am a teacher and I don't think I'm very scary, but I'm terrified of our principals. Anytime I get called to the office or they come to the classroom door, my palms starting sweating and I hyperventilate-even when it's just to give me my parking pass so my car doesn't get towed.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!