Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' : White Water Rafting

Linking up with Becca from R We There Yet Mom for Friday Daydreamin'!

In 2002, I lost a bunch of weight and decided that I was going to be athletic.  When my friends talked about going White Water Rafting in the mountains of Colorado....I said Heck Yeah!

Who can go wrong with a place called Good Times Rafting

My friends on this trip were my very hot friend Sean (seated in front of me) and my two best friends. 

We stayed a couple nights in Winter Park and I might have danced on a bar and sang Rocky Mountain High.

The rafting part of this adventure was really fun and exciting but the best part was when we got to a section of the river where we pulled over, hiked up the hill and jumped 30 feet into the river.

YES!  I did this!  I had just gone through a bad divorce and I imagined that I was leaving my old life at the top of that cliff and jumping into my new life where all of my dreams were going to come true.

And they did.  A year later....I met iKeith.

Smiley face to protect former best friend who became my boss and had me fired when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Alex because she was jealous of me.


  1. I was wondering what the smiley face was all about. I thought maybe you had a friend that made you sign a waiver saying her picture would never be posted on your blog without her consent. Kind of wish I could make my friends on facebook sign that waiver...

  2. All the more reason to show her ugly mug IMO.


    Anyway, I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS! I'm super jealous that you've done it, we've got a lot of rafting companies around here...maybe next summer!!!

  3. What an awesome memory. Now I want to go white water rafting!

  4. You did not need a "best friend" like her any way!

    I don;t think I could have jumped, I'm adventurous and not afraid of heights but unless I'm in an controlled environment, no rocks or side of mountains to hit, my feet are staying on the ground!

  5. White water rafting is so adventurous! I wish I'd done that!

  6. Man..what a "good" friend, huh?
    The trip sounds awesome, though!

  7. I think that smiley face should be a mean face! :)

  8. Friends. Why are they stupid like that sometimes? I'm sorry.

    That looks like a great trip. I so want to do that some day!

  9. I've always wanted to go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon. Maybe some girl bonding bloggerbabe trip should be arranged. But I'd be terrified to jump 10, let alone 30, feet. BTW: nice tricep definition on you, Connie.

  10. My triceps bring all the boys to the yard!

  11. Awww- I stink no linky last week and you were ready to PLAY!! Will you link this post up this week?

    So sorry.....


  12. Well then I hope you pushed her overboard.

  13. What an adventure - I don't think I'd be brave enough to go white water rafting, let alone jump from a cliff!!


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