Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don Draper Doesn't Change Diapers!

Our local newspaper does this thing where they give you a blank cartoon every week and you are supposed to supply the caption and send it in.

I thought this cartoon had great potential.

What would your caption say?

Check out this funny!


  1. Oh I love it - did you come up with that? Submit it!!!

  2. very nice- you HAVE to submit it!!!


  3. Cute. I'm sure I would think it was even funnier if I watched the show.

  4. Well crap. My mind went blank and I have no clue what I would say.

  5. So what is it, like two days later? I finally got somethin'.
    This diaper isn't the ONLY thing full of crap in this room!
    Okay. Yeah. 2 days for that.

  6. What a clever idea! Way to go newspaper for being creative and getting their readers involved.


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