Sunday, October 17, 2010

For the Love of Letterboxing

You may remember a few months ago....we tried Letterboxing.  It didn't go too well and I think it was because iKeith and I were having an off day and he wouldn't listen to me when I was obviously I'm known to be.

Side note: Many people's lives would be going a lot smoother right now if they would just listen to me and do what I tell them to do.  Just sayin.

My little boy Alex loves to go on *Adventure Walks*. These normally take place in the evening after iKeith get home from work but these walks have come to an abrupt stop because of the sun disappearing into the Rocky Mountains too early every afternoon.

I've had to pick up the slack a little bit.

Every Tuesday, Nana watches one of my children. They take turns having some one on one time with me. Mallory loves to go to the library and to Whole Foods. Alex loves to go for adventure walks.

We decided that we'd give letterboxing another go because of my new friend JoAnn from The Casual Perfectionist. She's newly addicted to letterboxing and she got me excited about it again. Thanks JoAnn!

I've added a Letterboxing Tab at the top of my blog to record our finds!  I borrowed this idea from JoAnn with her permission.

We've become completely obsessed with finding these letterboxes and it combines the fun of a treasure hunt, exercise that doesn't feel like exercise and spending quality time together as a family.  We've had the best time...if you aren't doing this fun activity, you should start!


  1. Your photo montage brought a tear to my eye. Makes me wish my boys were younger [I canNOT believe I just typed that...].

    Letterboxing sounds wonderful. I'm glad your family's making memories together.

    Still miss you...

  2. Such a sweet movie- love the song -who is it by??

    We tried letterboxing when we lived in Dallas- set out to find 5 and found NONE!!

    We now go geocaching.....very similar and the kids love it!


  3. LOVE that photo of him on the bridge holding his Teddy. So sweet.

  4. Awww, this is the sweetest! I think we'll have to try!

  5. And yeah, you are one super cool Mama, Connie!

  6. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot...I don't understand Letterboxing. I am a huge dweeb.
    But the pictures are great! lol

  7. Great job on the video - I love your adventure walks. Glad you are giving letterboxing another go!

  8. Do they have an international edition? Because I would SO do that while I'm over here. As opposed to tromping through the snow in NY.


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