Friday, October 8, 2010

What I Learned This Week: Cujo Edition

Things I learned last week.

I learned that Friday it is Suit Up Friday at iKeith's office.

I learned that I'm afraid of my own Halloween decorations.

I learned the location of the dog that keeps waking me up at 5am...I've learned the phone number to call to complain about him.

I learned that a neighborhood grocery store had bacon on sale this week because Don/Dawn* made it every day this week.

I learned that I can't not eat cookie dough even though the package says not to.

I learned that my in laws will be moving to California soon...and I have to find a storage unit for my belongings that they are storing.

I learned that my daughter thinks she has a penis.

I learned that our new favorite game is Zingo (which we call BA Zinga...10 points if you can name the TV show that is from)

I learned that I am not very is hard!!

Don/ downstairs neighbors. How confusing must it be to call their apartment.


  1. after X amount of years, you're in laws are now moving. seriously? i'm confused.

  2. Ugh, finding storage for your storage!

    Hope the bacon smells go away soon.

    I love the idea of Suit Up Friday!!

  3. I feel your pain on the barking dog issue... we have a barker basically living right in our back yard. Her owner knows his dog is an offender, however he's done little to control the situation. The husband, who is much more diplomatic than I in such situations, has gone over to "LA HACIENDA" to confront the dog owner several times. He claims to not hear the dog barking in the middle of the night... just outside his bedroom window. ...I wonder what he's taking to sleep at night?! Anyway, his solution is to not let her have access to her doggie door after 9pm... but we still listen to her bark the rest of the day. Bottom line, I just don't think some people care if their pets are annoying.

  4. Well, you sure did learn a lot this week. :)

  5. I know I know! Big Bang Theory! Love me some Sheldon!

    And seriously, I've been eating cookie dough since before I was born. And I've lived to tell about it. I feel that whatever risk is involved, it's totally worth it.

    From your SITS tribe!

  6. Big Bang! Love that show, and I love where they are going this season with it. So funny, and I bet it is going to get even better.

  7. Well, there you go. That is a very diverse pile of things you learned - bacon, penises (penii?), cookie dough.

    Suit Up Friday is hilarious!

    I have not learned this for certain, but very seriously suspect that my children have engaged in a conspiracy to drive me freaking bonkers. TGIF, yo.

  8. Love this list!!! Very funny.

    My week has been much less productive!

  9. OMG that is the scariest loudest dog bark ever! I would be pissed too. Love that you taped it! And that Mallory thinks she has a penis, that made me lol.

  10. What a diverse set of knowledge in a span of a week :).

    Sorry to hear about your dad; after spending a big part of my past in the same house with a drug addict- who untruthfully claimed he is now 'clean'- I sort of understand how it feels.

  11. Sorry about your dad; you must feel terrible. Also, I expect you will get progressively more bendy. Also, iKeith cleans up pretty nice.

  12. That is a bummer about your dad. Make sure that you tell Mallory that while she does not actually have a penis, there are lots of great women out there with big sets of balls... and THAT is ok.

  13. Hahaha! I'm laughing at Viv's comment.
    Suit Up Friday?? That's a pretty cool idea, although my hubs would not be able to cuz he doesn't own a suit! LOL
    And also? I'm sorta chuckling at you being afraid of your Halloween decor. :)

  14. Thanks goodness you can call and complain about that dog!

  15. Okay, so I love that you taped it. So much so that when my hubs called I played it for him over the phone. He hates dogs. I know. Weird. Actually my 6'3'' 250 guy is afraid of them. Anyway we had a good laugh over it.

    I think I'd love being your neighbor - except for the f'ing dog.
    BTW love that you can love your family and kids, have a little Faith like it saws in your sidebar but still keep it real and not go all Baptist on us. I get a little tired of reading some of that crap.
    Have a good one.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  16. I'm always going to be real and honest on my blog. It's just who I am.

    Some people (my sister) don't like it...but I'm doing what I need to do for me...and my family. I'm not here to please anyone else.

    Thanks everyone who commented about my Dad. If you have an alcoholic in your life you probably know what I'm going through. I refuse to put my kids through it.


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