Friday, February 13, 2009


VERB: To attract with something desirable; entice:

I can't explain what is happening.....

We had a great time in Las Vegas. We ate great food and enjoyed our time together but we both said it really isn't our kind of place. We don't gamble and we were in bed by 11pm every night. I left Vegas thinking I would probably never return.

My sister and my friend Jessica and many other people I know have always told me that they love Las Vegas and I didn't know why. I even used to have a friend that would run off to Vegas a couple times a year...she just couldn't get enough!

The last few days....Las Vegas keeps slipping into my thoughts. Certain things keep popping into my strolling down the strip, in the rain...sharing one umbrella with Calvin. Sharing a carafe of sake and some sushi while looking down the street to the Eiffel Tower. Having a pint at The Nine Irishmen Pub. Seeing Elvis in a bar. Watching the Super Nanny in bed with the lights of the city below our window. And walking and walking and walking.....

I think I am going through Las Vegas withdrawal! I think Las Vegas is an addictive drug and I got hooked! Why can't I stop thinking about it? Is it the energy? The Lights? The Food and the Drinks? Did someone slip something in my drink that makes me love Las Vegas? Why does my husband look more attractive to me?

I reluctantly told Calvin last night that I was missing Vegas. I was shocked when he told me he was thinking about Vegas too! OH MY Heck...we are both hooked!


  1. I know what you mean Connie!! We didn't do any gambling while we were there, but I sooooo want to go back!!

    I think I may have to insist we go back for our 5th wedding anniversary next year!

  2. Another Vegas convert! I knew you'd come around eventually.

  3. My husband likes to gamble, but I can take it or leave it. But, I agree! Vegas is VERY alluring!!

  4. I have never been, and never felt the urge to go........maybe you could be my "vegas dealer" and get me hooked.

  5. I have been to Vegas a few times. I think it is a fun place to visit. I think once you have kids, and then are able to get away alone with your husband, going anywhere together is magical. It is so nice to be alone, uninterrupted and connect. Going on our trip really made me see that we need to do it more often -- it's so nice.

    I'm glad you guys had a fun trip! I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!


  6. Maybe it wasn't so much the place as it was the fact that you were there alone together.

  7. Kate wrote exactly what I was thinking... You two were away, without children, eating out, not cleaning or cooking... Turns me on just thinking about it!

  8. I'm not a Vegas fan. I think its b/c too cheap to gamble but on the other hand some of the shows there are pretty amazing. Okay, I changed my mind, I do like Vegas

  9. I am always a fan of Vegas when I am there...then I get home and realize how much money I left on the tables and have the opposite reaction you remorse. :)

    I'm glad you had fun!

  10. I get raving reports of Las Vegas from my daughters but I have never had the desire to be in rooms with boldly shocking carpet designs and the smell of smoke everywhere. When I read your description of your time there it sounded dreadful so when you say you miss it...I am glad you can still have good memories of your vacation there:) You sound like a fun person!

  11. Having spent 21 years living in Las Vegas, and then moving to Utah...there is no comparison. I miss Vegas so much, I have to go back every couple of months. (my kids are still there). There is something to do 24 hours of the day and it's even better away from the strip. The restuarants, the shopping, can't beat it.


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