Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confessions of a Foodaholic

I love watching movies but I really love going to the movies because I enjoy going to the concession stand. My only issue with this is that some popcorn, a soda and a candy bar end up costing twice as much as the price of admission.

My favorite local movie theater has a food court inside and they have little trays that fit in your cup holder so you can eat an entire meal while watching the latest flick! Oh, the joy of combining my two favorite activities...eating and movies!

For this movie I chose the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with swiss cheese and extra mushrooms. It was divine! I think I shall see a movie every single week so that I may partake of this fabulous sandwich. I shall call it research for my blog! And the fries! Oh my...the fries!

My good friend Monica went with me to the movie. We haven't seen each other in two months so I felt like we had lots of catching up to do so maybe going to a movie wasn't the best way to use our time but we both desperately needed a couple hours away from our children and wanted to see this movie!

First of all. Have you seen the commercials for the new Hannah Montana movie? I got all choked up and was fighting back tears and trying to hide that fact from Monica. I don't like Hannah. Why on earth did the preview effect me so much? Am I pre-menopausal? Is it PMS already? With God as my witness....I will not become a slave to Smily Miley!

The movie. Confessions of a Shopaholic. LOVED IT!

I carefully chose my outfit for the movie and for the weather and decided to wear my GREEN cashmere scarf. Imagine my surprise when a GREEN scarf makes an important appearance in the movie. I felt so fashionable and special sitting there in my seat holding an entire Belly Buster of Coke in my bladder.

I loved the costumes. Even though some of them reminded me a little teeny bit of something Ugly Betty would wear. And I thought Isla Fisher did a great job as Rebecca Bloomwood.

Becky's boss. *Swoon* I totally fall in love with accents and his is so yummy. I wanted to climb into the screen and let him give me a little whisker burn. His real name is Hugh Dancy....doesn't that just Holy Crap! I just found out he is engaged to Claire Danes!
I am disturbed about something. Joan Cusack....I tend to think of her as being MY AGE. And I don't like the fact that someone that I consider to be MY playing the mother of a 20 something in a movie. It made me feel a little bit OLD!

Monica and I made a pledge at the beginning of the movie that we would NEVER purchase ugly shoes for our daughters. NEVER! I loved the scenes when the mannequins would talk to her and I loved the debt collector guy...but I always like the geeky guys!

My favorite scenes of all....when she is dancing in Florida, when she fights for a pair of super ugly boots and when she is thawing her credit card out of an ice block.

And of course...I love a happy ending!


  1. Once I got to the Philly Cheese steak with swiss I had to stop. As a Philly gal myself I am appauld. Never with swiss only with wiz. Cheese wiz is a Philly cheese steak all others are simply a steak sandwich.Either way now I want one ((sigh))

  2. It's okay Suzie! I ordered it that way!! But seriously? Cheeze Wiz? I didn't know that.

    *connie must travel to Philly ASAP to eat real Philly Cheese Steak*

  3. I love eating too, but I much prefer to do it comfortably in my own home while watching a movie! Yikes, I really am a homebody, aren't I?

  4. That sounds like such a great time! And what a good idea to have dinner with the movie.

  5. That was so much fun and you did look fabulous! I totally fell for Mr Hugh too...lucky me got to come home to a lovely hubby with a british accent!

    Did not know he was engaged to Claire Danes.

    Next time we'll do lunch so we can chatter away :)

  6. I only read the first shopaholic book forever ago when it first came out. I was single and identified a little too much with the protagonist...

    But I'm fairly certain that while she was a "shopaholic" - she wasn't shopping only at the MOST expensive stores. She would just see an amazing deal on a scarf (original price $1,000 - sale price $300) and say, how can I pass this up. That is an incredible sale (for a scarf I would never think to buy otherwise). This - I could relate to.

    I'm much better now. Lucky for me since I can't afford to shop anywhere but Target these days!

  7. I loved it too Connie! I thought they did a good job making the book into a good movie. I've seen it twice so far. I am definitely getting it when it comes out on DVD!

    Cute picture! Should we start calling you "the girl with the green scarf"?


  8. I believe I will have to go see that movie now this weekend.
    Maybe I'll go to the Studio Movie Grill. You watch a movie while eating dinner in a booth or at a real table. And they serve alcohol!!!


  9. I loved the books and can't wait to see the movie. :)

  10. Ooohhh I haven't been to an adult movie in sooo long. That sounds like so much fun. Did you read the Shopaholic books??? I am afraid to see the movie because it seems like they didn't stick to the book at all.

    I am glad you had fun :)

  11. wait a minute, I think I was lost in the notion of a philly cheesesteak sandwhich at the movies. When I come to Utah, you are so taking me there. wow.

    oh and I have like 5 movies on my want to see list! sigh!

  12. I really want to see this I want to see it with a Philly cheese steak:P


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!