Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Update!

This Picture....

was taken at 9:30am.

I realized then that I needed a bigger stick and more cow bell!

So I got this stick.

It is the handle to my swiffer duster. I made some measurement marks on it. I'm thinking now....that I should have made some smaller increments because there is little chance we are getting 30 inches.

The Satellite is not working. With two little kids who depend on the Noggin channel you can not have the satellite dish blocked with snow. It is just not acceptable to a little boy named Erick. So...I went outside to clear the dish. I did not realize that it is half way up the side of the house.

Note to self: bring a broom next time.

Here are pictures from my excursion outside.

I cleared these steps at 6:30 this morning!

The snow was up to my KNEES!!!

I sure hope my husband get home tonight and doesn't get stuck at work!

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