Monday, January 14, 2008

The One about The Pull Up!

Here is a picture of my girl...standing up!!

She pulled herself up on Friday. I was folding laundry and watching my favorite show, Jon & Kate plus Eight! When I looked over and she was standing up in front of the love seat!! Now she is standing up to everything and is taking a couple little steps sideways.

We bought the little table and chairs for the kids over the weekend because Erick is getting tired of coloring on the floor and the end table wasn't good enough either because he had to stand.

Meghan loves to stand up to it but can't seem to figure out how to get back down when she gets tired. Erick has marked his territory on the table and chairs with his favorite crayon. Now, if I can just get Meghan to stop eating Erick's favorite crayons.

Funny story of the Day!

Last night, Erick came up to Keith, patted his belly and said BABY! I laughed so hard!!!!!

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