Sunday, January 6, 2008

The One about The Formula!

Our little Meghan. She has been a little bitty thing every since she was born three weeks early. She didn't weigh much...just 6 lbs 10 ozs and the first couple weeks of her life she didn't eat very much. It took her forever to get to 10 lbs. And today buck naked she only weighs 17 lbs.

When Erick was this age...not that long ago...he was eating 6-8 ozs of formula about every 4 hours. Right up to his first birthday, this was his intake.

We really thought we were doing well a few months ago when Meghan was up to 4 ounces per bottle during the day, only to have her go back to 3 ounces. I know she is capable of drinking more because she does drink 6 oz at night when she is half asleep and Erick isnt' there to distract her.

This week...she went on a Formula Strike. She didn't want any of it. She wouldn't drink it in her sippy cup either but would drink water/juice in it. I couldn't figure out what was wrong!

One of my cyber friends told me to put Nestle Strawberry Nesquik in it.

I am happy to report that Meghan LOVES her Strawberry Milk and is consistantly drinking 4 ounces every 5 hours! She is also eating more regular solid food than Erick and regularly cleans his plate!!

What a girly-girl! Wants her milk to be PINK!!!

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