Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TOTES! Journal Storage

A while back, my dear friend and partner in organizing all things showed me her Thirty One Tote that she uses for storing greeting cards.  Jessica is just brillant when it comes to finding clever way  keep her things tidy so I always try to steal borrow her ideas when I can.

Several months ago, I was walking around Home Depot.  I think I was looking for the bathroom because I constantly have to pee, when I found a bunch of handheld tool totes.  I looked that them for a long time and thought I should get one of these so I can copy Jessica.  I found the bathroom and forgot about the tote.

This week I was walking around WalMart.

Disclaimer: I drove 20 miles to the nice part of town so that I could have a pleasant WalMart experience.

I found myself in the tool section explaining what all the tools are for my kids and I saw it.  My Tote!!

TOTES!  It's perfect and purple and doesn't scream CRAFTSMAN on the front!  It's exactly what I was looking for and it was only $12.98. I snatched it up and took it home and hugged it for a long time before I put all of my stuff in it.

Here is what is in the my Journal Tote:

  • Smash My Year Smashbook and Thirty One bag that Jessica gave me to hold all of my stickers and what not. 
  • My kids journals that I write in every week
  • My journals that I write in every week
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Papermate Markers
  • Scissors
  • Stuff that needs to go into journals (pictures, movie stubs, invites)

It looks so great sitting on the corner of my desk and since I don't have a dedicated space for crafting/journaling and I ofter lug all of my stuff to the bedroom or in front of the TV, it's just perfect!

So now.  I made another purchase that was inspired by watching Jennifer from Tatertots and Jello participate in a crafting challenge a few days ago.  Have you seen the house that Jennifer is re-doing?  It's so cool and exactly what I'd like to do someday if I had a husband that was handy. Anyway!   I bought this!

It's for my top secret painting project that I just realized I can't start until next week because of the holiday coming up this week because iKeith can't know what I'm up to.  It's a secret!!!!  Shhhhh.....

Like it?


  1. That big is awesome!! Love that you put the cups in for your pens as it makes them so much easier to get in and out and see what one you actually want.
    So curious to see what you are up to with the spray paint

  2. Love all things organizational! Can't wait to see the next project!

  3. Love it! I wish I could journal like you do, I'm terrible at keeping up with it. You did a great job putting that together! And thanks for all the love!!


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