Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Billy Joe

The last few days I've been writing the story of my life before iKeith.  Before I moved to Denver, I was married to Billy Joe and I lived on a 660 acre ranch.  I recently found pictures from that life and I was going to write about it.  The story is hard for me because it was full of such turmoil.  When I moved to Denver, I was running away from a life that I thought I was stuck in.  A life I didn't think I'd survive.

So...I started writing the story a few days ago, starting at the beginning and the day I met Billy Joe.  This afternoon when I was googling the songs that were popular that day, I realized I hadn't googled his name in a while.  I google his name occasionally because he has a bad habit of getting arrested for not having a drivers license and drinking while driving.  Even though we've been divorced for 12 years I still worried about him hurting someone or himself.

I don't have to worry anymore.  He did.

I googled his name this afternoon and saw that he died on June 10th from injuries sustained in a car accident.  My heart practically stopped!  This is what I'd been afraid of and never wanted to see!  I read further and learned that he ran a stop sign on a country road and the man that hit him died too.

According to the obituary he has a wife and a son.  I'd always hoped he would get his life together and not be a danger to himself and others.  There was a time when I loved him so much and he was my whole life.  In a way, I'm relieved that he can't hurt anyone else.  And I guess this chapter of my life is finally over.  I don't have to worry about him anymore.

RIP Billy Joe.


  1. My goodness, Connie...I hate to hear this. I, too, was married to a kinda bad man. But regardless of how bad he was, I'd never want something bad to happen.

    So sorry to hear this. I'm sure it's a funky feeling for you. I'm so glad you got away though and have a life and heart full of happiness now.

    We all deserve that.

  2. Wow. Even though you checked up on him and worried about finding out just what you's still got to be a shock. I'm sorry for the waste of life, but glad you finally have some closure. My heart and prayers go out to his wife and child.

  3. Hugs to you, that's hard. So glad you escaped that life.

  4. Wow. I know hearing about his death must have been emotional for you, but I'm so thankful you escaped when you did and you weren't killed! How tragic!


    PS Sometimes we must have the bad relationships in order to better appreciate the Mr. Art @ Homes and the iKeiths of the world!!!

  5. Wow, dude. That's heavy. Hope you are doing okay.

  6. Oh wow, Connie. I'm so sorry. What a tragic story. I just really don't even know what to say. :o(

  7. Oh my gosh, Connie I am so sorry. Obviously he isn't part of your life anymore but still that must have been so crazy to read.

  8. I just read the article that you linked "he ran a stop sign on a country road". Did he die after going to the hospital as the article says, "Douglass was taken to North Colorado Medical Center with serious injuries that were not life threatening." I just didn't want you to be mislead if he is indeed still alive. I'm thankful that he is not a part of your life any longer, but he may still be living.

  9. No, he's gone. The article I linked to was the first one the paper ran when it first happened. He passed away 10 days later.

  10. Oh, Connie. I'm so sorry. Thank you for the update and I'm sorry for having brought it up.

    1. No problem! I'm actually doing fine. I had a few days of sadness and remembering old times but I'm doing much better now.

  11. I just read this. I'm sorry. I know it was a part of your life that was over, but it still must have caused a little ache. A chapter finally closed. Big hugs for you.


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