Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ten Ways iKeith and I are Different

We're headed home from our vacation today and I'm anxious to get back, sleep in my own bed and eat some healthy food. I'm been sick for the last 5 days but Keith's been pumping me full of pills like I'm Anna Nichole Smith!

I've decided to copy The Pioneer Woman's post today because there are many ways that me and iKeith are different. Let me count the ways.

1.) He snores.
     I talk in my sleep.

2.) He likes to fly by the seat of his pants.
     I like to plan every last detail.

3.). He doesn't think I'm very funny.
      I think I'm hilarious.

4.). He likes movies with violence.
      I like movies that make me laugh.

5.). He likes danger.
      I like playing it safe.

6.). He likes bringing the entire contents of our bathroom on vacation.
      I like packing light.

7.). He likes putting things where he can see them.
      I like everything to have a place, preferably in a drawer or box.

8.). He likes white chocolate.
      I like milk chocolate.

9.). He likes being a few minutes late.
      I'm always 10 minutes early.

 10.) He likes the window seat.
        I like the aisle seat. ( it's closer to the bathroom)

Please pray for our safe trip home today. There were tornadoes in Colorado and at DIA yesterday. And please don't tell the papperazzi that I'll be at LAX at 3:05pm today.


  1. Separated at birth, you and I, that is all! And put on your dark glasses, no one will know it is you...


    Also, #3? Yes. Me too. The thing is, they have become USED to a certain level of funny. They are IMMUNE, see. Their baseline for funny is way higher than normal guys. Imagine how hard it is for Leno to get his wife to laugh after 40 years of being hilarious on the daily. She's become immune. That is what we are dealing with.

  3. Mmm... I'm with iKeith on the white chocolate. I only wish I could get it drilled into my mother's head. My older sister loves white chocolate too, and every year for Easter, she gets my sister a white chocolate bunny, and my brother and I get regular milk chocolate bunnies. And every year, I say, "Darn, I'd have really liked the white one." And every year, she says, "Really? I thought it was only Kara that likes the white chocolate..." EVERY. DAMN. YEAR.
    (And no, I am NOT too old to be getting Easter treats from my mother still.)

  4. I like your sexy vacation hair!

    Everything SHOULD have it's place. It should NOT be out on the counter unless it's too big for a drawer or cabinet. Shumate family rules.

    Safe travels, dear.

  5. You ARE hilarious! Tell Keith I said so.

  6. :D
    I hope you made it home safely, but I'll say a little prayer just in case! I hope you enjoyed your vacation in spite of being sick.


  7. The whole time I read this that Paula Abdul Song "Opposites Attract" was going through my head...I was singing the song with your answers :)

    This was such a fun post!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!