Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Thoughts....

Today feels like a random kind of day.

I have all of these thoughts floating around and they need released...like butterflies!

I recently discovered that my husband loves Jersey Girls.  I found out when I was watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey and he sat down and watched intently.  I also found out that he and his brothers' call butter on popcorn...shine.  We've been married almost 8 years and I've never heard him call it that before.

There are only 7 school days left and I can't wait for this year to be over! There are some children in Alex's class that don't treat him very well and he just wants to be friends with everyone but they make it hard.  I'm hopeful that there will be much nicer kids in his class next year.  Keith tells me that there will always be jackholes to deal with.  He says it's human nature.  I said, 'even in a convent?' and he said, 'Yes, even they have predatory lesbians.' I almost peed my pants and now I shall blame everything wrong with the world on predatory lesbians instead of Obama.

Mallory had her last tumbling class yesterday and is mad at me because I had planned to take a activity break for the summer because I have so much fun stuff planned for us.  Keith and I talked it over last night and decided to let her keep going because...what if she is good enough for the Olympics? It could happen.

There is a picture of my ass on Impulsive Addicts blog.

After watching The Bachelorette last night I have made two observations.

1.) I've been married for almost 8 years and there is no way in hell I could write a 7 page letter to my husband.

2.) My husband's new nickname is Chopper.  (he used to fly helicopters)

I am proud to announce that this morning I am being sworn in as the PTA Membership Chairperson.  I know what you're thinking and yes, I might be cray cray.  BUT....I think this will be the perfect job for me and I'm already thinking of ways to blackmail get people to  join the PTA and come to meetings.  It involves suckers.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I warned you......

    Actually, I am proud of you trying to change the PTA for the better there! can't wait to hear your ideas.

    And what the hell is up with our asses? Who took those pics???


  2. get it you PTA mom you! ;) and agree- you never know she might be all up in the olympics in a few years!!

  3. I keep asking to be part of PTA here in my town but they aren't interested makes me wonder what they think of me and I saw your butt today over at impulsive

  4. This is too funny!

    Nice ass BTW...but I don't mean that in a lesbian way...predatory or otherwise. LOL

  5. You will knock the whole PTA thing out of the park, I have no doubt! And stick those mean skanks from this year with really crappy jobs if they volunteer, like snow cone duty, that is the pits!

    My husband says that we need nicknames every time we watch The First 48, all of the good criminals have nicknames...

  6. I've been part of one PTA or another for almost 10 years, don't get me started on all of the crap that comes with it. Some good, some bad and some very, very ugly! Best of luck to you!

  7. Ah, you'll be a great PTA Chair. I think my mom did it from the time my sister (7 years older than me) started school til my brother (2 years younger than me) graduated elementary school. You'll definitely win 'em over with suckers. ;)

  8. Your ass is HOT. We all had kickin' curves that night so why not show them off?

    I love Emily but I'm not loving the men so far. There's only a couple who I think are cute enough for her and I don't know their personality yet. I'm nervous for her but she said on Kelly that she found love.

    PTA again huh? Good luck. It's not a fun or glamourous job but someone's gotta do it, right?


  9. I think you are going to make a great PTA Membership Chairperson.

    Keith is right. There will always be jackholes.

  10. LOL! I saw those butt shots!!! Ya'll are crazy!!!

    I think that's smart to keep her in tumbling. Lex has decided she wants to ride horses just for fun, but wants to get into cheer when she's in 6th grade. So we will be getting her started in gymnastics and tumbling in the fall to help her prepare for it!

    Wait...so instead of calling it buttered popcorn, it's called shined popcorn? I don't get it.

  11. You will be the perfect chairperson! It was not the job for me (I HATED IT) but I think that is because my co-chair was a B%&C$ from HE%&. I am sure your year will be great! We have 10 days left of school and I can't wait!!! :)

  12. Ooh I've always wanted to join the PTA. I hope you are able to make some good changes!
    That's great that you guys are encouraging the tumbling classes. I wish I'd had an activity like that when I was younger.

  13. Hahahahah. Still laughing. I so need some of your friends. Mine are getting old or something. Blah blah blah. Thanks for the gut laugh. Love the phrase cray cray. I am so stealing it. :D

  14. More power to you on the PTA front; better you than me, but I'm sure you'll kick ass. (Not literally.) Glad you and iKeith are still "peeling the onion" and finding new layers. Never heard "shine" before, but I like it. And most importantly, I hope the kids are kinder next year in Alex's class.

  15. I've GOT to get back in on The Bachelorette.

    7 pages? Really? Hell, I couldn't write a 7 page anything to anybody.


  16. Holy crap this post makes me laugh! Not the part about the jackhole kids. But the predatory lesbians instead of Obama...I think Obama IS a predatory lesbian. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

  17. HA! I am so going to blame predatory lesbians for everything too. ;)

    Nice ass, BTW. ;)

    Now see, if you were the PTA Chairperson for Princess Nagger's school, I'd actually go to the meetings. And volunteer for stuff. I'm a sucker for suckers. ;)

    Oh, and I'm right there with you on that whole 7 page letter thing...I was thinking to myself, "Crazy, much?" ;)

    Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge

  18. I love how involved you are in your kids school. I am part of the PTA- simply because I donated $5 I think, but haven't actually done anything about it. When Ryder is in school though- you can bet your booty I will be there helping and volunteering all the time :)

  19. "I shall blame everything wrong with the world on predatory lesbians instead of Obama."

    I'm crying! That is. Hilarious.

    Congrats on achieving Membership Chair!! I knew you could do it :)


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