Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Summer Fun List

Wow....I just realized this post marks 1001 posts.  That seems like a significant milestone or that I'm a little chatty.

Yeah....I'm a little chatty.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Alex!  We are beyond excited to put the alarm clock away and have some fun on his first ever Summer Vacation.  Oh course, Mallory is very excited for school to 78 days.  Yes, she's keeping track.

Last year, we made a Summer Fun List and the kids loved it so much that I decided to make it one of our family traditions.  You know how I love traditions and making my kids happy so here it is!

NOT Bummer Summer
I did leave a little bit of room at the bottom to add more things as they come up.  Because I love to mark things off from lists.

In other Summer related news....I posted my Summer Reading List on my book blog.

What's on your list of things to do this summer?


  1. What fun!! You are going to have a great summer!

  2. We need to make a summer to do list. I know one thing I want to do is go to the zoo!

  3. great list! and Im totally stealing the idea!!

  4. We are on the same wave length...I posted our list today too :) Love your list!!!

  5. to hit the art studio with little man

  6. Looks like fun...and I love checking things off on a list, so satisifying!

    I think there is a link on Pinterest for making ice cream in a ziploc baggie--they might like that! Let me know if you aren't on Pinterest and I will email you the link!

  7. Oh man that looks like fun! I wish I had kids to do fun things with all summer long!

    I want to go for a drive some afternoon. Spend a day at the beach. Go to my aunt & uncle's cottage for a few days. Boat ride. Ball games. Banana-flavoured popsicles...that's my summer fun list! :)

  8. We need to do this! I love your list. And I love checking things off my lists too ;) Such a feeling of accomplishment!

  9. That sounds like lots of fun things to do this summer. I feel sad every time I see all of these fun things knowing I'll be stuck in an office all summer.

  10. Oooooh, I love your list. I also like that it has check mark boxes. That's my kinda list!

    Just posted my list today. See below :)

    Make homemade ice cream
    See the beach
    Geocache in St. Louis
    Make a water balloon pinata
    Nature Scavenger Hunt
    Watch Fireworks
    Release sky lanterns
    Go to the Zoo
    Start a vacation journal for Ryan
    Fly a kite
    Make a video collage of the summer
    Make a handmade card and mail it to (great) Grandma & Grandpa L
    Go Fishing
    Play The Big Bang Drinking Game
    Make homemade Mac'n'cheese

  11. SO MAllory wants to go on a microbrewery tour and you're going to take her? What a good mom you are! Have fun with the checklist.

  12. This is such a great idea! Your summer is going to epic!!! Next summer when we aren't so consumed with remodeling and the India trip, I want to do this, too!

  13. We have two more days to go. I need to have them write a list of things they would like to do. I am sure Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and Zoo will be thrown in there. :) But I could be surprised.

  14. Looks like a heck of an awesome list!!!!!


  15. What is DMNS? And can I eat dinner with you when you make pesto? Love your list!

    I am on post about 988 or something-- getting close and trying to figure something fun for 1000

  16. Great idea! I love that the kids can see it, and you get to cross stuff off the list! Way to go Mom! Okay...there might be family fun involved, but ummm crossing stuff off this list makes you look good in the process!!! :)


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