Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lunch at The Ivy

Happy Tuesday!  Did you watch The Bachelorette last night?  I'm crushing hard on a guy with a head injury named Charlie!  There are some interesting men on the show and I think it's going to be a great season.

I'm joining Impulsive and Shawn for Talk To Us Tuesday to tell you about one of my favorite parts of our Huntington Beach trip.  Impulsive Addict has done a fantastic recap of the first couple days here.

On Saturday, we drove to Hollywood and Vivienne showed us around.  

Our ultimate destination....The Ivy Restaurant on Robertson Blvd.

Our table wasn't ready yet, so they gave us Champagne cocktails.  We felt soooo very special and I think some people thought we were somebody.

Becca always look fantastic when she is holding a glass (or bottle) of Champagne! 

Jen decided to go to The Ivy as Betty Draper.

The food....was amazing.  I will dream about my meal for years to come.  Becca licked my plate clean for me.  I also had a sip of The Ivy Gimlet and can't wait to make one at home.  

I had to try the coffee and we had a couple desserts that we passed around.

I loved the flowers on our table and the ambiance on the patio.  

Such a fun day!  

Come back tomorrow for the next Give A Blogger a Book...Club selection!! 


  1. It was such a fun weekend, I'm so glad you were able to join us this year! So looking forward to next May!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Where's it gonna be next May??
    I'm so glad to see pictures finally!! Looks like a blast!!

  3. Oh-so-JEALOUS!!! Looks like an amazing highlight of your trip!!

  4. This trip looks like it was super fun!!!! I was sorry to hear on Impulsive's post that you got sick, though. :o(

    That lobster ravioli looks DELICIOUS!

  5. New follower! I'm so jealous of your trip! I need one just like it!

  6. It was so great meeting you! That does look like an awesome place and an awesome meal. Glad you had a fun trip

  7. i'm so jealous i wish I had friends like this to hang with and i totally want to go visit CA

  8. That was some yummy food! mmm.mmm. good! (If I hadn't been driving I totally would have ordered one of those gimlets!)

  9. The Ivy Gimlet is tha shiz. It also makes you do crazy stuff...like eat the sugar cane out of your friends drink.

    Great pics, C! I think you got the best Hollywood sign shot!


  10. Wow, that lunch looks fantastic :) So glad you had a good time!

  11. You're living high! That looked like it was a total blast!

  12. what a fun trip! that ravioli looks aaaaamazing

  13. I wish we could rewind and do it again. This time you wouldn't be sick. I LOVED eating at The Ivy. I totally felt famous. And those ravioli's.....oh my!!!

    Love your face! xoox

  14. Those pics are so fun! You guys totally looked like you were in the "in" waiting for your table drinking champagne. So I'm with Mimi... Where ya going next May?

  15. Yep- I licked your plate - it was good!!!

    I miss you....


  16. The Ivy - le sigh. What a memorable lunch! Maybe we should just go to Cali every year :)

  17. Ok, so I hoped you walked Robertson and checked out the great shops and paparazzi and the Starbucks there on the corner of Beverly. And really... Call me next time before you go, because if you did not go to Kings Road Cafe ( BEST coffee), sweet lady janes (cupcakes), Joan's on third ( lunch!), Urth Cafe ( great latte and people watching) and The Farmers Market... Well, then you need to make another trip. And yes... Since you asked, we can be pen pals


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!