Monday, May 14, 2012

Get In The House Carl!

We were invited to a party over the weekend.  I'm still so amazed sometimes that we have friends and that they like spending time with us.  Our social calendar is FULL now and we love it!

I may have unleashed my inner Skinny Girl.

And iKeith may have had a few un-skinny Margaritas and then done the Macarena.  I may have laughed until my side hurt because iKeith doesn't dance.  The last time I saw him bust a move was in September 2003.

Have you ever seen a child's birthday cake lit with a blow torch.  Now I've seen everything!

I commandeered one of the birthday boys gifts and turned it into a Sobriety Test.  If you could catch six fish in 90 could leave in your vehicle.

On the way home, my margarita-drinking, macarena-dancing husband asked me to stop at 7-11.  I did, but only because I wanted Peanut MandM's.  This is what he purchased.

Spiral?  I'm concerned.  I'm picturing this.

Funny story.  When we were on vacation in California in monthly visitor was 5 days late.  iKeith was freaking out!  I told him that we would have to find a different way to spice things up because playing Shane and Lori in the Zombie Apocalypse is a dangerous game.  And if I was pregnant I was naming the baby Carl. (Have you seen The Walking Dead? If you haven't this won't make any sense to you) My visitor did show up and we're not having a baby named Carl.

I guess iKeith found a different game.


  1. I SERIOUSLY ALMOST TWEETED YOU YESTERDAY..."Get in the house, Carl." (I had to write that in shouty caps so you would know how serious I was.) I was thinking about Cali and that popped into my head. SOFA KING funny!

  2. Hahahaha! Too funny.

  3. Hahahaaha, Carl!!
    You are hilarious, girl.
    I'm dying to see vacation posts by the way!

  4. Your sobriety test was made of brilliance! But the candle lighting technique was made of danger!

  5. So how many people were able to drive home? Glad you guys have lots of friends to go hang out with. My husband has a fun time when we go out but is totally happy staying home

  6. well it's official i am permanently drunk as i continually fail at this particular obriety tests and hello blow torch for candle lighting you have some serious fun at your parties don't you.

  7. You guys lead such a fun life!! Love the fish test :)

  8. oh sweet lord, I cried I laughed so hard at this. sounds like y'all had funnnn!!!

  9. Well, no stories of fires, so the blow torch holder must have been sober!

  10. Oh holy shiz! I LOVE CARL! This shiz is funny!!!!! Great memories....

  11. Fresco burns when it comes out of your nose! Darm you Connie....

    I'm laughing again just reliving that story!

  12. I laughed so hard! Carl... aweeee sads that he isn't coming to fruition. :)


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