Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Blog Is Four Today

Today is my 4 year Blogiversary! I started out with a little blog that was supposed to be an update for family in Colorado and Texas....but no one was reading it. Dang people with no computer skills!

Then I started forwarding links to friends and found other blogs to read and the rest is history!

I love this place that has evolved over time and the friends that I've made and never met (yet!).

Thank you for allowing me to share my family, my thoughts and my stories with you.  And thank you for caring about us and being more like a family to me than I've ever know.


A few weeks ago, I became aware of someone named Carol Tuttle. She is based out of Utah and has written books about Energy Profiling.  I put her book, It's Just My Nature! on hold at the library and read it last Saturday....yes, in one day!  She categorizes people into 4 types.  One of these is generally your dominate and then you will have other types that are secondary!

Each type described a person in our family! I read passages to to iKeith all morning and lightbulbs kept going off.  Yes, this is why you (insert annoying thing you do here) and here is how we should handle it.

I am a type 3.  I have high energy and take action to get things done. I love making lists and marking things off!  I also like to get rid of things that are no longer useful. I'm competitive, friendly and talkative. I walk fast and know where everything is! 

Keith is a type 4.  He is an authority on everything and is able to focus for long periods of time.  He is very aware of structure and demands perfection. He is private, disciplined and uncompromising. Sees things as black or white and can be perceived  as cold and unfriendly.

Alex is a type 2.  He is very concerned with details, easy-going and slow moving. Sensitive to the environment and picky with food.  Not adaptable to change and likes to be comfortable.  Excellent at planning and following through.  Asks a million questions!

Mallory is a type 1.  She is inspiring, fun-loving and hopeful.  She is optimistic, comes up with great ideas and is entertaining.  Is great at making plans and is very disorganized. 

Did you see yourself in any of these descriptions?  The book is much more in depth and goes into great detail about how to handle each type.  For example, type 2 people need time to think things through and are slow moving.  Telling them to hurry up (how many times have I said this to him) makes them shut down.


I finished reading Don't Breathe a Word: A Novel by Jennifer McMahon last week.  It was soooo good!  It took me no time to read because I couldn't put it down.  It's a mystery set in Vermont and it's kind of about fairies.  But not the cute little pixies that we know and love from Disney movies.

The first person (in the United States of American) that emails me and tells me what kind of company I worked for in my embarrassing vlog from yesterday....wins the book! Mimi wins the book! 


  1. Happy Bloggoversary - what an accomplishment to hit 4 years!!

    I am not seeing a "me" in those types.... but I think I lean towards #2.

  2. Woot! Mimi in France wins the book!!

  3. Ackkk ... am I the only one who cannot comment from your blog via your FB link? That drives me batty! So many times I have tried to comment but I have to visit your site to do it ... and I end up getting distracted and doing something else.

    ANYWAY, CONGRATS ON FOUR YEARS!! Woot!! You go girl!! You rock, Ms. Connie.

    That personality stuff is freaky! My hubby is also a type 4. A royal-pain-in-the-rear to live with! He told me the other day that I was stubborn. I told him he needs to celebrate that fact b/c the ONLY reason our marriage has survived is b/c I'm too stubborn to get a divorce. :o))))) I'll have to check that book out. Thanks for the info!

  4. By the way, I'm not blaming YOU for my lack of ability to comment. I have no doubt I am doing something incorrectly!! :o)

  5. So can I be a mixture of all those personalities?? I can't decide what I am...probably like Alex cuz I like to be comfy, but I'm not very detailed, like I'm a half asser. Can we add a new category for Half Asser??

  6. AND! Thanks for sharing with us for 4 years! :)

  7. Congratulations on 4 years! Wow. That sounds like an interesting book and even more interesting that you seem to have one of each of the types in your family. What are the odds of that I wonder?

  8. Happy Blogversary!! :)

    Aww--- so sweet of you to pass on books. I am SOO looking forward to mine. :)

  9. Type 1 here ........ Soooooooo type 1. Gonna find that book.

  10. Happy Bloggoversary! I only have 2.5 years in and less than 200 posts. I took a long break after I had Emma. You are my hero. I'm so glad I found you.

    I totally could have won that book. DANG THAT MIMI! She wins everything!

    I am a type 3 from the descriptions. I'm a huge list maker and I love to mark things off. I'm not that fast of a walker though...

  11. I really think I have bits and pieces of all four of those types!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  12. Happy Blogiversary! I think David is a 4 and I am a 2. But David is pretty open and friendly, he's just not the other things, and I'm not really slow, but all of the other things.

  13. Wow!!! Four years!!! Happy birthday, blog!!! :o)

    Hmmm...I might have to check that book out. I think I may be a mixture of 2 and 3. Is it possible to be two different types?!? :o)

  14. Connie - Happy 4th Birthday! WAHOO! I went back and read your very first post when your kiddos were babies. So sweet! I'm glad you've been blogging these 4 years -- you bring a smile to my face every day!

  15. Happy Blogiversary!!! I can't believe you've been going for 4 years. I'm so impressed! I wonder if I'll make it that long!

  16. Happy 4th!! I found you almost 3 years ago :) That book sounds fascinating, I think I lean towards 3 as well and Z and Alex are the same.

  17. Happy Bloggoversary!

    I think Im a weird blend of all of those...Levi is definitely the same as your hubs though!

  18. MiMi is so on top of things!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS! Congrats to being entertaining for four years!

    You always find the best books to read. Where do you find out about them? I once went to a conference type deal where a woman spoke a lot about what your book seems to have touched on. I'll have to see if I can find/remember her name and her book and I'll send it to you if I do.

    Anyway, I'm so glad your blog is in existence and I found you! Here's to another 4+ years!!!

  19. 4 years!! Awesome girl!!
    I love books that categorize you into fun personality types.. I have a few of those..

    i love your blog!

  20. 4 years congratulations!! i am going to have to check out that book, i feel like i am a few of those things. maybe i DO have multiple personalities!! ok gonna get the book.

    i like MiMi asking if Half-Asser could be a category. that girl kills me!


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