Friday, July 22, 2011

The Hundred Acre Woods

26 Days until Kindergarten Starts

I decided to surprise the kids and take them to see a movie today.   We ate lunch and then drove to Belmar.  I parked in the parking garage so that they wouldn't have a clue what I was up to.

We walked into the theater and they saw all of the Harry Potter posters and were in awe.  I was able to sneakily tell the cashier what movie we wanted to see without them hearing me.

I got them each a kids combo.  Popcorn, a disgusting piece of candy that is impossible to get the wrapper off from and a blue slurpee.  

They thought I brought them to the theater for lunch and could not contain their happiness when I told them we were staying to see a movie.

The preview were torture!  Each time one came on....they thought it was the movie. 

They decided they really want to see the new Spy Kids Movie.

Finally...the feature presentation came on and they were SO excited!


  1. Aw yay! Sounds like a super fun afternoon. I can totally picture Alex and Mallory's excited faces each time they thought the preview was the movie, haha

    How was it??

  2. Aw, what a fun mama you are! Sounds like a perfect day.

  3. Sounds like a great afternoon with mom!! :)

    Now is there such a thing as disgusting piece of candy???

  4. Sounds like fun! I really want to see it :)

  5. That's awesome...I wonder if I could surprise my kid :) Sounds like a great time and what a treat for your kids!
    Isn't it great taking them to the movies? Its one of my favorite things!

  6. Awww! That's so cool!!
    I bet they LOVED it and will remember it.
    My kids wanna see the new Spy Kids movie has a SMELL thing!

  7. So how was it? Did they like the movie?


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!