Monday, July 11, 2011


Mallory and Alex have been making me laugh recently by coming up with things that are AWKWARD.

They heard it on TV somewhere and it's just the cutest darn thing ever!

Their favorite one is....A squirrel without pants? AWKWARD!

Well...thanks to Shawn from Seriously Shawn, the squirrels will be awkward no more.

She could NOT resist sending me Squirrel underpants! And one of the funniest things is that a portion of the profits from this product will be donated to the 'Small Animal Decency Fund' because the poor little things don't even know they are naked!

Did you see my post over the weekend about when I dunked the squirrel hunter?

I finished Don't Breathe A Word on Friday and I'll be giving it away to another lucky reader this week.

Don't forget about the July Vlog Extravaganza!! I will be telling you an embarrassing story tomorrow.

I've got Google Plus invites....if anyone needs one.  Send me your email address and I'll send you one.


  1. Hey, I need a google+ invite! I'll DM you on twitter. :)

  2. So are you actually going to go after a squirrel and put the undies on them?

    I'd pay good money to see that.

    What's Google Plus? It's not like their fail Google Wave is it???

  3. That's funny because that is EXACTLY what M wanted me to do.

    I hope she doesn't try to coax one into the house so we can play dress up with it.

  4. With the way the squirrels like to chase you I don't think you'll have a problem catching one to try out the undies on! :)

  5. Ugh.. I must be soo out of the loop. Is Google + gonna be the new social media revolution?? Tell me more!

    The squirrel skiveys are TOO cute!!

  6. I made your blog? I am so honored!

    When I saw those I just could not resist!

    Love you my friend!

  7. LOVE THIS POST! Sofa king hilarious! It still makes me laugh. I was there for the "picking out" of squirrel underpants! =)

    WTH is google plus? I suppose you want me to click on the link, huh? Ok. I will. But just for you.

  8. That. Is. Hilarious!!!
    Gimme gimme gimme the book. Wait. What? Please...? lol

  9. She got those in Austin, right? I want a Google Plus invite!! Me! Me! I do! I do!

    (And I keep trying to give the Rookie Foodie a triberr invitation, but that bee-otch keeps blowing me off...)

  10. So funny. You always make me smile when I need it most. Haa

  11. I am kinda really loving the squirrel with pants.

  12. Where do people come up with these things!?

  13. Ok, that is funny! From now on, I think all squirrels should be fully clothes, complete with top hats and a cane...or just underwear, underwear is good too!

  14. Dress up with squirrels! That is hilarious!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!