Sunday, November 7, 2010

Team Artsy Fartsy For The Win!

We're always on the lookout for fun weekend activities.  This week is Denver Arts Week and this year they had a great idea for a scavenger hunt!  We're hoping to win one of 14 wonderful prizes so we hauled the children downtown to photographer ourselves in front of some of Denver's landmarks.

We split up into two teams!  Mallory and I were Team Artsy Fartsy and I'm sorry to say that we had a subpar photographer.  I don't know what iKeith was doing...but most of our shots are blurry. For more of our photos click here.

Alex and iKeith were team Art Smart Blart and Cart.  I have not idea what this means but this is what happens when you let a 4 year old pick your team name.

There is a long list of activities and we had to pick 6 of these and post them on the Visit Denver Facebook Page.  If you think you will ever be visiting Denver....LIKE their page.  Tons of great info.

We did all kinds of fun things like joining a herd of buffalo on the 16th Street Mall, singing with a local street musician, sipping a Colorado-brewed beer at Wynkoop Brewing Co, checking our watch at Lannie's Clocktower*, visiting the Ballpark Museum and posing like the Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center.

Checking my watch....

What's that Bear Looking at?
The kids had a great time and we got lots of exercise in the bright Colorado sunshine!  We even found a new favorite restaurant...Colorado's First Brew Pub,Wynkoop Brewing Co.  I had the pleasure of drinking a beer called Wixa Weiss and eating the best kids Mac and Cheese I've ever had!  Details on The Rookie Foodie coming this week.


iKeith is on Facebook now.  He kept telling me that he needed a FB login for his app testing and then I wanted him to enter this Denver Arts Week Contest with me and he needed to be able to post pictures on their fan page.  So he told me to go ahead and set it up.

I've been very happy with his lack of interest in Facebook because even though it doesn't look like it....this man was a player!  I was not interested in all of his old girlfriends friending him and talking about the old times.  I have zero interest in having to step up my game in the bedroom so that he's not interested in meeting up with some old flame.

It took exactly 24 hours for one of them to find him and friend him.  sigh

So....for all the girls iKeith has loved before....this song is for you!

* I haven't worn a watch since 2004.  I have a cell phone...why do I need a watch.  It is also my alarm clock.  Steve Jobs....I love you!


  1. Connie!!! I think you & I would be BESTEST Friends if we lived closer!!! I love stuff like this!!!!! I am so thrilled to hear that you take the initiative and try fun events like this!!!! LOVE IT!!!


  2. Nothing better than a fun family day out in the sun :) I love that song! Most of Matt's FB friends are girls - but as far as I know, no ex girlfriends. Or maybe I have my head in the sand :)

  3. What a great day!!! Team Artsy Fartsy rules!!

  4. How fun! The art thing not the exes on FB thing...wenches

  5. Srsly...block those skanks. What? I'm not bitter about exes okay? OKAY?!

  6. Ho boy, 24 hours, huh? Sigh. I'm sure they're lovely women, but, c'mon. I think I'm with MiMi on this one. But it doesn't surprise me that iKeith was a playa; after all, he had to know what he was doing to score the former teen temptress and star of The Connie Diaries, right?


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!