Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures with Robert: Furniture Shopping

iKeith has a long holiday weekend coming I'm going to take a few days off from blogging.  I'll still be now would be an excellent time to join twitter...those of you that aren't already addicted.  Follow me.

Tuesday...I'll be posting the next installment of The Connie Diaries.  Please click on the tab under my header if you need to catch up.  Until then...I leave you with Adventures with Robert: Furniture Shopping

A couple weeks ago....I went furniture shopping with my brother in law Robert. He's just finishing up remodeling his townhouse and he has one room that needs a couch. He asked for my help because I am so freakin talented and helpful.  And modest.

Meet Robert!
The first couch he showed me was boring! Knit Knots boring.  And it looked exactly like the couch we had that the mouse ate back in Utah. I talked him out of it.

This chair....reminded me of an electric chair. It was totally uncomfortable and too expensive.

Modern Electric Chair

I fell in deep, deep love with this is couch.  I could curl up for days, watching soaps and Oprah and eating bon bons! iKeith thinks it looks like a bed.  He likes firm, leather, uncomfortable couches.  He also likes the electric chair chair.

Connie's Dream Couch

We were sitting on a couch discussing his options when the saleswoman came over to talk to us and assumed that we were a couple.  This happens to us all the time, but the last time was in Utah at a model home.  The poor woman mistook Robert for my husband and iKeith for the kids Grandpa. 

I'm not showing you the couch we picked out because it's a surprise.  Robert has hired me to plan his Open House/Housewarming/Christmas Party and I'll have the big reveal next month.

*This could end up being a regular feature...Adventures with Robert.  What do you think?  You like it?   


  1. I like it - more adventures please! And man does he look just like his brother!!

  2. How in the world did you get him to do the video?

    And I think Adventures with Robert could be super hilarious.

  3. Are they twins or something?? Holy crap.
    I think you SHOULD do Robert posts!! That video is HILARIOUS!!

  4. All I have to say is that the genetics in iKeith's family are insane! I can't believe how much they resemble each other in photos.

  5. I like it! Sounds fun!

    I'm also in deep, deep love with that couch!!! I am going to be in the market for a new couch as soon as our addition is finished and I think you just found my couch! Is it terribly expensive? I really want it. Wonder if Michael would go for it? Hmmm.

    Hope you're having a great Monday!♥

  6. Are they having a DANCE OFF!! Love those!! lol! I think "AWR" would be a riot, please do it!! ANd I agree, he looks a lot like iKeith.

  7. p.s. My cell phone is an antique and so I don't "tweet"... otherwise I'd follow. lol!

  8. Love the couch. I'm all about comfort but it needs to be leather, you know having 4 70-90 pound dogs that think they're people leather is kind of a must!

  9. I love this vid - makes me LOL every time I watch it!!!

    MORE ROBERT!!!!!



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