Sunday, September 19, 2010

What IS Second City?

Last week I won tickets to a show on twitter. I love twitter!!

The contest was put on by Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the tickets were for The Second City Comedy show.  I'd been hearing good things about it and it was on my wish list of shows I wanted to see.

I was so excited when I won the tickets because you know how much I love the theater AND I love to laugh!  We started off by having drinks at The Corner Office...right across the street from the Garner Galleria Theatre and we had the pleasure of having Alex for a bartender.

I was having a lovely time until we discovered that Alex was old young enough to be my son.  It was then that I realized I really need to stop flirting with bartenders because it's now becoming inappropriate.

We arrived at the Second City Show and found out that you can drink through the entire show!  I drowned my sorrows in Merlot and we made friends with the people that we were seated with.  We found out that they were there to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

The show is very funny and I highly recommend it to anyone...unless you are easily offended.  If you can take a joke and let things roll off your back...then you should see this show.  If you are a member of The Tea should stay home.

There was a wonderful improv part of the show where they used this older gentleman from the audience and built the skit around his answers to a series of questions.  It was so hilarious that my stomach is sore today from laughing.

As the show was wrapping up and the actors were getting ready to do their last number.  My husband hollers up to the stage and asks WHAT DOES SECOND CITY MEAN?

I was really thankful that we were seated at tables so that I could crawl under ours.  My husband is a very smart could he not know what Second City is?  The actor that was on stage answered his question and moved on....and then the rest of the cast came out and were looking out into the crowd to see who the simpleton was.

I joked around with my new friend Lori that we've both been married for 6 years and it's extremely obvious which one of us has two small children at home.  Look how fabulous she looks!

Can you tell that I'm drunk pants?

After the show...we asked our new friends to come have a drink at one of our favorite bars and we ended up telling them our dating a he said/ she said fashion.  We think they liked us...because they asked for our phone number.  I hope they call...and that Lori wasn't offended when iKeith called her Cher.  If I could turn back time....

Keith and I are officially on the prowl for friends!

The Second City is a long-running improvisational comedy enterprise which originated in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood.

The Second City Theatre opened on December 16, 1959 and has since expanded its presence to several other cities, including Toronto and Los Angeles. The Second City has produced television programs in both the United States and Canada including SCTV, Second City Presents, and Next Comedy Legend, as well as being heavily involved in the creation of the satirical 1969 sci-fi film "The Monitors." Since its debut, Second City has consistently been a starting point for comedians, award winning actors, directors, and others in show business.

Top 10 Second City Alumni

Bill Murray
Tina Fey
John Belushi
Stephen Colbert
Chris Farley
Steve Carell
John Candy
Dan Aykroyd
Mike Meyers
Amy Poehler

In case you missed it...I revealed my new kitchen on Friday Night! 


  1. I love comedy shows and I'm pretty sure I've never been to one that was "clean." And wouldn't be awesome if the Tea Party people just always stayed home. ;)

  2. I love Second City! I've seen them twice- both on cruises. They always play a video before their cruise performances which highlights their more successful alumni.

    It's basically a precursor to Saturday Night Live.

    Sounds like you had a great time!

    We've NEVER given our phone number our like you all did- how fun!

  3. Sounds like a really fun night- we have a place here that does improv with suggestions form the audience and I LOVEIT!!!

    But seriously, I don't know what "second city" stands for....


  4. I totally knew what Second City was!!
    Dang. That's pretty much all I got.
    See, I used to leave awesome comments, but now I'm all washed up and leave crap. I use a lot of !!!! and : ) and that's just not right.

  5. I never realized you look Chinese when you're drunk!

  6. Ok I have a question, is that Cher's real hair??

    And I am totally laughing about the inappropriateness of flirting with bartenders :) When did we become 40??? Some 30 yo in NY called me and Laura MILFS - and then referred to us on Twitter the next day as COUGARS - ASSHAT! What's wrong with just being a buzzed mom talking to people?? Ok my wine is talking and I'm going to bed now :) Night night!

  7. Awesomeness!! I love comedy shows. The last one we went to was for Michael's birthday a few years back. We definitely need to go again! Nice list of Alumni...a lot of my favorites on that list! I LOVE that you guys are on the prowl for friends. It's hard to find "couple friends". Michael and I have been married for 12 years and we still don't have a lot of couple friends. Hope they call you back!! :)

  8. I'm glad you had fun (w/ loud iKeith and all) and found new friends. (Please ask Lori to stop doing that to her hair though, OK?)

  9. I've heard of Second City and know all about their shows and the actors that come from them, but I have no idea what it means.
    You look like you had a great time & I'm glad you made friends.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!