Monday, September 13, 2010

How I Spent My 40th Birthday

We started the day at the Rocky Mountain PBS Kid's Fun Fest.  It's the biggest free family party in Colorado!  There is a bouncy house, a climbing wall, a stage coach, an Urban Farm (aka...petting zoo) and guest appearances from Curious George, The Cat in the Hat and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  I won't tell you how many children I had to knock down to get my picture with Clifford.

There was an incident at the bounce house that has our house divided at the moment.  After I tell you about it...please take the poll on the right hand sidebar.  We were waiting in line for the bounce house for around 30 minutes.  It was one of the most popular attractions there and the kids were being very well behaved even though we had to stand in the sun.  Mallory was so excited because it was her first time to enjoy the pleasure of the bounce house. Finally...we were next and we were about to step up onto the mat to remove the kids shoes when a woman came running up with 3 kids and cut in line.  Her husband had been standing in line in front of us for his family.

I told my children (rather loudly) that I was sorry but they were not NEXT.  The Dad said he was sorry but that his kids won't stand in line that long.  I told him that my kids had to...why shouldn't his.  And then iKeith told the Dad that we understand...blah blah blah.  I thought it was incredibly rude and inconsiderate to all of us that waited in line and that it teaches HIS children that they don't have to wait, or do any work to get what they want.  What do you think?

And then I flashed about 30 people who were waiting in line to sit in the Stage Coach. When Alex sat on my lap...about 4 of my buttons slipped out of their holes and when I got out of the stage coach my shirt was unbuttoned to my waist!! Oops.

As we were walking back to the car we saw this on the sidewalk and I got really excited about how iKeith and I were going to celebrate my birthday later that night.

Clever Advertising!
Uncle Andrew babysat the kids for us and we started the evening at Sketch Wine Bar.  click here to see pictures and details about what we ate. It's a really fun wine bar in a historic neighborhood in Denver.  We had a great time drinking wine and magic sangria, eating meat and cheese and talking to people that came and sat at the bar.

Soon it was time to head over to the Curious Theater to see Dead Man's Cell Phone. It's a community theater but with amazing professional actors, that has made it's home inside an old church that was built in 1880.  It is a cozy and intimate setting with an orchestra and balcony area.   Curious is in their 13 year and they have been awarded a Best Theater Award by 5280 Magazine.

We were 6th row center which was perfect!  I was so happy and excited because this was only my second play.  I've seen many, many musicals but only one play....this was one reason that I really wanted to see a stage performance for my birthday.  Because you know I'm all about trying new things.

I loved the play!  Seeing a story unfold with real people right before your eyes is an exciting experience.  This is an odd ball comedy about a mousey woman that discovers the man at the table next to her has died and his cell phone is ringing...and ringing.  This woman takes it upon herself to keep answering his cell phone as she informs people that call of this man's passing and she begins to tell stories to help comfort the people he's left behind.  She also becomes accepted into the dead man's family and helps them deal with their loss....even though she's mostly lying to them. 

It was opening night so as part of our theater experience we were invited to an after party with the cast.  I was scared to go inside but iKeith convinced me that I'd be sorry if I let my fear of walking to a room full of strangers stop me.

I'm so glad I went!  I was able to meet and talk to all of the cast, the director and the owner of the theater.  I even walked right up to a gal and talked to her because she was wearing knee high socks and ended up having a wonderful conversation with her.

William Hahn plays the Dead Man
Emily Davies plays the mousey woman.
Scott Bellot plays Dead Man's Brother
It was the perfect birthday!  I'm so glad that I had this experience on my 40th's a night I'll not soon forget and I'm excited that we found this theater because we can't wait to go back and see more plays there.


  1. Oooh, that guy at the bouncy house was SO RUDE! RUDE! I would NOT be understanding at all! If I was feeling frisky, I might make a bunch of passive-aggressive comments. I'd at least glare really hard.

    My husband would probably be accomodating, though. He's so damn nice. It's one of his most annoying qualities.

    Also! How did I not know about the RMPBS thing? We live in the same state now, you've got to hook a girl up when fun things happen up there! I'm going to go check out their calender right now.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I love theater! The Hubs and I try to go once a year in NY, and keep saying we need to take more advantage of our community theater troupes.

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday, and I am so with you on the waiting thing. Rude, and they should not have been next.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast! Glad you had such a great birthday!

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time celebrating!

  5. I'm torn. What if his kids have autism or something and they really CAN'T wait in line? Should they be deprived of the bouncy house (although I can't imagine a child with sensory issues enjoying that but what do I know). Or what if they were waiting in front of you but were really, really horrible. Would that have been better or worse? I do think it is rude and that they should teach their kids to wait, just like you did. But I will also admit to holding a place in line for Baby Girl at the fair so that she didn't have to wait in line for so long. Like I said, I'm torn.

    That play sounds like the funnest thing ever. I LOVE going to do stuff like that and we never do. I'm going to have to try to find more stuff locally for us to enjoy like that.

  6. What a great birthday Connie! I am glad it was a great one!!


  7. What a great birthday - I love the concept of the play, it sounds so interesting! Emily is so not mousy at all - so that is some acting! :)

  8. Your birthday sounds FAB! I am glad you enjoyed it!!! I have been guilty of waiting in line and then someone has to pee (Doesn't someone ALWAYS have to pee?!?! SO annoying!) and having my husband stay in line why I take them potty... BUT I do think its important to have patience and wait in line. By GOD that was a DIFFICULT concept for my son, by FINALLY he GETS it! yay!

  9. Hey, happy birthday, girlfriend! Good for you for trying something new to celebrate, and that looks sounds like a great theater company. And I really like that play, although I've only read it, not seen it performed. We're big theater nuts here, and so we see all the theater we can. As for the poll question, I have to concede that while I totally understand your point, I'd be OK with what the dad did. It's better than doing a "frontsies backsies" thing, since it was his family he was saving space for. But I think the line kind of decides what it's policy is. Were there others saving space?

  10. What an terrific birthday! A little fun with the kids. A little grown-up theatre fun! It sounds like a perfect day!

    I wouldn't think it would be rude to hold the line - becaue I would be thinking maybe they had to go to the bathroom. Most of the time, it's an all about family thing, so we would hang together. It sounds weird for someone to not want to be a part of a family day - and just be a place marker. I think I'd just feel sorry for the person for missing the quality of togetherness. Not rude - just very short-sighted. Kind of like the person who won't run barefoot in the sand for fear of hurting their feet - just not really living.

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Yay sounds like a fabulous birthday! And I'm totally with you . . . that guy, RUDE. Don't even get me started on what we dealt with in Disneyland a couple of years ago.

  12. Sounds like a fabulous way to sepnd a birthday! As far as your negative experience in line for the bounce house, this has happened to us numerous times. My (very patient) 5 yr old, always waits in line properly, even as children whip by her and push her out of the way while she waits her turn, and I just explain to her that she is doing the right thing and usually make the comment on how "Other children are clearly not taught by their Mommy & Daddy how to have manners!" in a loud enough voice that both the little brats and their parents can clearly hear me (hee, hee).

  13. That sounds absolutely wonderful - so proud of you for trying something different!!

    And if you think the line thing is bad, don't go to Disney - parents are 10 times worse there!!!!


  14. I'm sorry I missed it. :( I almost missed Duke and Redmond's birthdays. I spread myself too thin recently. You're gorgeous and I hope you had a FABULOUS 40th! XO

  15. I am siding with you on the Bounce House Issue. That play sounds hysterical! Happy birthday!!!!

  16. First off... that man at the Bouncy must be off his meds! Nobody's kids can wait long but that's how they learn. Oooh! I got mad just reading that!

    Now on to the theatre. How wonderful! I am so glad that you got to see the show and that you stayed to meet the actors. I can tell you from experience, it means so much to the actors when audience members stay and share their experiences. I am also happy to you rose above the fear.

    Yay! Yay! Yay for theatre! Boo! Boo! Boo to dads who let their kids cut!



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