Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scenes From a Dream Job

I was really excited on Saturday when iKeith said we could go to LoDo (LOwer DOwntown) and see his office.  He's taken a couple pictures of his desk but I wanted to see the big picture.  It's a beautiful loft with a giant skylight in the middle.  It feels like a very creative place!

Seeing this space that he spends so much time in and how cool it is...made the apartment situation feel worth it.  But I'm also a little jealous. 

Downstairs from his office are a couple bars...in one of them the bartender (Alice) already knows his name.  I'm not sure this is a good thing.  I prefer the Irish Pub.

 On his walk to the parking lot he passes this place....a medicinal marijuana store.  We saw some gentlemen leaving the store that looked quite healthy. 

 His office is also two blocks away from Coors Field!  

I can't wait to show you what he's been working on!  



  1. And like you said...the apartment situation is worth allowing iKeith to chase after his dream job!!

    Go iKeith Go!!!!


    P.S. He doesn't need any reminding how you rock right???

  2. Too bad you all can't live in the loft - it's awesome!! :)

  3. That does look like a cool office. With convenient amenities like multiple bars, marijuana store and ballpark. I bet the office cabinets don't have handles in the center of their doors, so maybe iKeith can slowly move your surplus pantry items into the office space...

  4. What a fabulous working environment! I love Kablooey's idea of moving your pantry to the office :)

    Having a dream job is a rare thing - I hope he's enjoying every minute of it!

  5. Now that is a totally cool office!!

  6. That is so awesome that he has found his dream job. I hope everything continues to work out well for y'all.

  7. That is an awesome office! Cant wait to see what hes been working on!

  8. Goodness! That office is incredible. I would be jealous.

  9. Cool office, cool neighborhood! Yeaaa

  10. I love LoDo!

    And that loft he works in is the shit!

  11. Ooooo, I'm jealy. I LOVE LoDo! We vacationed there last year and stayed at the Hyatt...I want to live there...at the Hyatt...in LoDo. I'm not sure how much that would cost, but I wanna do it. Love the loft and the locale.

  12. Connie,
    You are such a supportive & wonderful wife. I know that iKeith loves & appreciates everything you are doing so that he can follow his bliss. You will all be richly rewarded - I am sure of it!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!