Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eight is my Favorite Number.

Becca at The Texas Darlings tagged me with a fun meme....she wants me to answer these 8 questions and tag 8 friends.  She made some great questions for we go!

1. Where were you born?  and your parents?  what is your ancestry?
 My Minnesota born and raised parents moved to San Francisco after they were married and became pregnant with me while they were living in China Town.  They moved to Denver just 4 months before I was born.  My Dad is full blood Swede and my Mom is German and Norwegian. 

2. What is your least favorite memory from those awkward high school days?
Oh my 4th grade I was bulled by a girl that lived a few blocks away from me and she would yell at me from across the street as we walked home from school. She got what was coming to her when she got her period in 6th grade while wearing white pants and her mother wouldn't come to school and pick her up.  Karma.....
3. Grab your favorite photo you have ever taken.  Tell us why it's your favorite.

I took this picture in 2009 when the kids and I went to the Ogden Nature Park with my friend Monica and her family.  We had a fabulous time that day and the kids saw deer for the first time.  Monica was my first friend in Utah and she was a lifeline for me.  I miss her. 

4. What song instantly picks you up and makes your day go even better?
Funkytown by Lipps, Inc. 

5. How did you and your husband meet?  Tell us the love story!
 We met on eHarmony, had a couple dates and then he stopped calling me.  Turns out he was trying to decide between me and two women that he worked with.  I told him we should just be friends. A few days later, fate brought us both to a mountain bar at the same time...except that he brought a date.  He flirted with me and I told him to buzz off.  A few days later we realized that  fate had brought us together and we've been together ever since. You can read the whole story here.

6. What is your favorite snack?
Smoked Almonds!
7. What was your first concert?  Tell us what you remember about it!
My first concert was George Strait when I was 19 and I drove all the way to Cheyenne to see him.  I remember that there were drunk cowboys in front of us and even though I'm rather tall it was hard to see over their cowboy hats.

8. What makes you the happiest?
I'm the happiest when my husband is doing work that's he's proud of and enjoys, and my children are healthy and being loving to each other....and when I get the time to do things for myself without feeling guilty about it. eight questions for my eight friends.

1. Share a favorite memory from one of your birthdays. Why is it so special to you?

2. What kind of birthday cake do you like?

3. What color was your childhood bedroom?

4. What is your dream job?

5. What is your favorite vacation destination?

6. What is your favorite movie?

7. What is your favorite recipe to make in the winter?

8. What do you love about blogging?

My eight fabulous friends!

Jennifer at Momma Made it Look Easy because I love her writing!

J.J. at I'd Rather Be Laughing because she's an awesome blogger and appears to have writers block.

Bobbi at Bobbi in La La Land because she's my sister and I love her.

Annie at Annie Weighs because we're trying to losing weight together.

Denise at Eat Play Love because she's my new best friend!

Jennifer at Harried Mom of Four because she helped me lose weight this week and she loves coffee.

Amanda at Family of Shorts because she's a fun blogger and she's so funny!

Liz at Sugarplum Creations because I love her beautiful family and she makes me want to be a better mom.


  1. That picture is gorgeous! And yes, being able to do whatever you want without reason to feel guilty is priceless!!

  2. So fun! That pictures is breathtaking. And I didn't know you guys met on eHarmony. I always tell Tahner I wonder if we did that, if it would match us up. :)

    Love your answer about what makes you happy. :)

  3. You're so sweet. Now I have to remember to do this.

    I LOVE that picture. It is post card perfect.

  4. Oooh, you picked me! Thanks! And your reason for doing so makes me even happier! GO CONNIE!

  5. What a cute love story! Will get this posted up in the next couple of days!

  6. Love your answers! That picture of your kiddos and the mountains is GORGEOUS!! I love smoked almonds too! So good. I totally forgot that you met iKeith on eHarmony! That's so cool. Great story!

  7. I think the disco connection alone bonds us forever as BFFs. Seriously though - I love that.

  8. Oh sweet girl! I've missed you. Life has gotten seriously busy since school started!!

    I LOVE that gorgeous photo! And I love the story about karma. I know it's not nice of me, but mean girls deserve paybacks. Just sayin'.

  9. I LOVE that picture, and I love the menstrual Karma that the universe doled out. (I like the eHarmony story too... We have friends {Randy and Laura} who are on their commercials)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!