Thursday, October 11, 2012

Helicopter Parents UNITE!

I wanted to tell you about a great new TV show that I watched last night but I can't.  I have to re-watch Nashville for a few reasons.  1.) iKeith wasn't home to watch it with me.  He was working late on a deadline.  IT'S APP SEASON, BABY! 2.) I cried through most of it.

There's been a lot of sadness in Colorado this week.  Friday morning, a 10 year old girl left for school and disappeared.  I've been watching twitter and facebook and the news like a hawk each time there is a press conference.  I've held my kids tighter and watched them closer.

Last night, they found a body. 

I considered sleeping in my kids' room last night.  Unwilling to let them out of my sight. Tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.  I tossed and turned until Keith finally came home.  I was uneasy until my family was all under one roof.

And now I sit here, coffee in hand....awaiting the 6:30am press conference.  My heart hurts for Jessica's parents and family.  I'm sure they didn't sleep at all and won't for awhile.

Please, if you can...say a prayer for Jessica Ridgeway's family today.  Keep them in your thoughts.

And hold your kids a little tighter.

If you need me, I'll be sitting in the lobby of my kids' school.

Helicopter parents UNITE!

Update:  Westminster PD will not confirm that the body they found last night is the body of Jessica.  They are still searching.  I'm feeling very uneasy.  


  1. I have been following this story, and it just breaks my heart! I am definitely a helicopter parent, and I am an Asian parent (Tiger Mom), too!!!

  2. Awful so so soooooo awful. I'm one of those helicopter moms too. I get the "looks" when i say they aren't allowed to stay the night with friends, the "looks" when i say come to our house for a playdate, she can't go with you alone. Oh well because it's piece of mind for us, we know where our littles are. I'm sure when they hit about 9 or 10 it might be more of a problem, but for now I'm going to relish in three time that i know pretty darn near every moment of their day. Prayers for Jessica & her family.

  3. Oh no. I hadn't heard they found her. How awful.

    I feel you on the helicopter thing. I totally am that lady.

  4. I've never been a helicopter parent, but am considering giving it a try ever since Jessica Ridgeway. We're discussing getting a chip implanted in her arm. JK. Sorta.

  5. Can you hear me?? Sorry, it's the sound of my rudders...or whatever they're called....they're really loud but I don't care!!

  6. Ugh so so awful when something like this happens. Sad that you really have to be always watching that closely but yea you do.


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