Monday, October 22, 2012

Gratitude {5}

Every day at 3:20pm, I stand outside the building.  I chat with other Moms and check my watch. Like clockwork, the door swings open and I watch her walk out.  She's quite a bit younger than me and she wears the cutest outfits.

One by one they shuffle out the door with their giant backpacks that they will grow into soon enough.  I study each child's face....anxious to see the one that makes my heart sing!  There he is.  Normally, he spots me almost immediately and raises his hand to be dismissed.

Today, he's gazing at her....waiting for her to acknowledge him. She looks down and he wraps his arms around her....just for a second.  They smile at each other and he finally raises his hand and looks at me.

She is the other woman.

I knew this day would come someday.  I couldn't be the only woman in his life but I didn't expect him to become so attached to her.

He runs to me and tells me that it was the best day ever!

I'm so thankful that when my precious treasure is away from me, he's being taken care of so well.

This week....I'm grateful for the wonderful teachers and staff at my kids' school.


  1. So cute! I'm also thankful for my daughter's good teacher and small, safety conscious school.

  2. That's awesome!!!
    I think BOTH my boys have crushes on their teachers this year and I have to say, GOOD JOB, boys, cuz they ARE cuties!

  3. So cute... My nephew's 7th birthday was last weekend. He's now in grade 1, but his former pre-K teacher came to the party with her daughter, and as soon as he saw her, he ran to give her a hug. Something about little boys and the crushes they have on teachers... adorable!

  4. So sweet! And so awesome that you recognize the worth of a great teacher.

  5. awww I hope my kiddos get great teachers too!

  6. Awe! Hard to he replaced if even just a little huh?

  7. What a blessing that he's transitioned so beautifully!

  8. This is really sweet! It's such a relief to know your kids are in good hands when they aren't with you!

    You know what's really weird? Being 29 and seeing teachers at school who look at least 5 years younger than you. I only "thought" I was still young!


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