Friday, October 19, 2012

Ninja Training

Two days in a row this week we've gotten an email from our school principal alerting us that there have been attempts to abduct children nearby.  The first one was several miles away but the last a park that we take the kids to all the time.

I'm thinking of buying a firearm.

I do have some experience with guns because I used to live in the country.  But I don't have formal training.  I'm looking into it.

Last night was our first real PTA meeting and I think many of us where enjoying the small break from our kids.  I don't know why PTA meetings get such a bad wrap!  Ours are fun and we laugh a lot.  Mostly because I use it as an opportunity to practice my stand up comedy routine.

In light of recent events, there was discussion about forming a watch dog group that would consist of Dads patrolling the school and grounds.  I know so many Dads that are worried sick about their kids right now.  I bet they would love the chance to be the protector at school.

The other topic of discussion was safety training for the children.  Everyone agreed that it would be a great idea and thought it would be well received and attended.  Our principal misunderstood how many classes we could have and suggested that we have a lottery drawing to make it fair.

I immediately pictured a scene from the Hunger Games with our principal pulling numbers from a hat to determine which of the students would learn how to escape from an attacker and which ones would not.

It made me laugh.  If my kids don't win the Elementary School Hunger Games, then I'm signing them up for Ninja training.


  1. The whole lottery thing doesn't really seem fair. There must be a way to provide it for all of the kids. What about getting safety DVD's that could be passed around to each class?

    1. It was a misunderstanding. We'll offer as many classes as we need to get all of the kids training.

    2. Thank goodness! I thought the lottery sounded crazy when all the kids would benefit so much...worth the money!!!

  2. That is awful! And super scary to have it happen so close to home. I've been wanting to formally learn how to shoot a handgun, too. I'm pretty good with a shotgun, but have almost no experience with a smaller gun.

    I'm cracking up at your Hunger Games analogy! :o) Safety training for the kids is an excellent idea. They should do that at every school because you know not every parent discusses that sort of thing with their kids.

  3. That is so scary. I want to get my CHL and Tyler would love it- I just have to find the time!


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