Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Innocence Lost

The last few weeks, we've spent quite a bit of time on the mean streets of Denver.  I think I've gotten so use to the way things are in our downtown area that I had forgotten it can be shocking to a child.

We decided to visit downtown Denver with our children and one of their friends over Labor Day Weekend.  We wanted to go to the Leonardo DaVinci Machines Exhibit because we are all about teaching our children more than what they learn in school.

We are dedicated!

The three musketeers were very excited.

This is right before they lost their innocence.

Soon, I'd be fielding questions like:

Why is that man sleeping on the sidewalk?
Why do I smell the bathroom?
Why is that man dressed like a robot?
Is that President Obama?

THIS is not President Obama

This guy scared the heck out of all of us (except maybe iKeith) and then we had a talk with the kids about talking to strangers.  Then a STRANGER tried to give the kids a balloon animal and they were freaking out because he is a stranger.

As it turns out, Keith is a busker magnet and street performers will call out to him to help him with their performance.  I've seen it many, many times!  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and my dear son was recruited and then ruined a man's magic career when he cut a rope with scissors that he was supposed to be pretending to cut.  In Alex's defense...who gives a 6 year old scissors?

We did have a great time at the DaVinci Machines Exhibit.  The kids learned so much and not just a slang word for an African American.  Yes.  That really happened.  I'm still in shock over it.

At the end of the day....I was really glad to see Jesus.

And I think it will be a while before a take one of my friends' daughters into the wilds of Denver again.


  1. wow bet it shocked the kids if they are not ue to seeing this kind of stuff little Man is pretty smart and he knows about homeless people and street performers so he isn't as shocked by it most kids but is is very wary of strangers
    Come Say HI

  2. We're taking the kids to the fair for the first time ever this year. I have a feeling the carnival crowd will generate a lot of questions. LOL

  3. well, now... that was an interesting trip.

  4. At least you're getting them used to it as children. Swear to God, I was 16 before I saw the horrors of "city life". I'll never forget the guy who was always sitting at the bus stop wearing a McDonald's bag over his head. With eye holes cut out. Creeeeepy.

  5. Wow! What a trip :) Laughed so hard at the Not Obama picture!

  6. Oh geez. I bet I'd have been as scandalized as the kids. LOL

  7. how funny! sounds like downtown Houston but with less crack cocaine. ahhhh the memories of my childhood ;)

  8. I saw my first person eating out of the trash can in Denver..scared me spitless as an adult! Sorry you got a little more culture than you planned.

  9. Haha! I know I probably shouldn't laugh, but it is a little funny. This was our experience going into downtown Asheville, NC. There are some pretty fun characters down there, too. :o) Because she grew up in Memphis, Lexie is pretty used to seeing homeless people, but certainly not used to seeing body paint ONLY street performers. That one was fun to explain later...

  10. That guy had it coming. He gave a 6 yo scissors! I need that Jesus action figure!

  11. It is nice letting kids be innocent and I sometimes wish I always could-- but yep eventually they have to go the Denver's of the world

  12. Better now than later. You can imagine how dorky I felt when the first time I set foot downtown was in ninth grade and I was so overwhelmed. When the kids go for their ninth grade field trip they'll be experts on who is Obama and who is not :)


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