Thursday, August 23, 2012

1...2...3, Eyes On Me

Hip Hip Hooray!  It's a Skittle Day!

Life is good.  The kids are both enjoying school and love their teachers.  Parents and teachers are lining up to join the PTA and I'm enjoying my three beautiful hours of free time in the morning.

Of course, everything is not coming up roses....there has to be a thorn.  I have only made a few new friends so far.  I've been reminded that last year was special, it's only been five days and some people are intimidated by my personality beauty.  Thank you Keith for that clarification.

My afternoons with Mallory have been so fun.  She likes to clean mess up her room and watch My Little Pony.  Yesterday.....I gave her a little bag of animal crackers and when she was done, she asked me what they were made out of.  I said...Animals.

This is the look she gave me.

She insisted that I was kidding.  

I suggested that she should learn to read so that she could read the labels on her food.

Two hours later, she picked up a book and started reading it....out loud.  She was READING the book.

Five days of Kindergarten and my girl can READ!

See how smug she looks?  I think she's been reading for a while and holding out on us.

Poor Alex should get used to be taught.  Before bed last night, she was demanding that he have EYES ON HER.  Maybe she'll be a school teacher someday....

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  1. This is just too cute! I love her expression and that she read later. Yay!

  2. I remember when Lexie read for the first time. I couldn't contain my excitement! And once she got started, she just couldn't stop! That is her most favorite thing to do!

    Congrats on pulling in so many parents for the PTA! You're great at that!

    1. We went through all of our books yesterday and pulled out all of the books marked 1 and 2. Then she read a book to Keith when he got home! So exciting!!

  3. Wow - that is so cool. She was definitely holding out on you!! :-)

  4. ha! Love the expressions on your girl's face. She's too cute. I used to LOVE playing school when I was a little girl, and LOVED bossing around my little brother (my student)... Then I grew up and realized I had no patience with children, and the teacher dreams were dashed...

  5. Love that look. And totally something I would say if my kids asked.

    And seriously how awesome that she is reading!! That is so impressive. Great PMM, thanks so much for linking up.

  6. what a stinker! she is so smart, I am super impressed!

  7. I love these photos. Kids are so's amazing their little minds are just sponges ready to soak it all up!

  8. She'll be balancing the checkbook by the end of next week! Sounds like the school year is off to an awesome start.

  9. Wow!!!! That is great :) love those pictures!

  10. Wow! What an accomplishment, and definitely something to be proud of. She's a cutie. Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me! Sorry I'm late to the party.


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