Thursday, August 9, 2012

Team PTA

I am drowning.

Drowning in paperwork after packet pick up on Tuesday.  I'm thrilled that so many people want to join PTA and there were so many generous people that made donations and then left little notes that said....NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.  I heart those people!

We combined technology and PTA this year by having the ability to take credit cards!  We did it through and it worked beautifully....once I got the wifi at school figured out.  NOTE: We have since switched to Paypal because they have their own reader now and you can register as a non-profit and the fee is lower! 

A man must have put up all of the signs in the gym.  Notice the duct tape.  A woman would have NEVER used that.  Note to self: Next year bring packing tape.

My friend Jennifer is assisting me with Membership this year and we anxiously awaited 11am when they would let the line of people into the building.  Packet pick up lasts for 8 hours but there are some people that pride themselves on being first.  I think some people camp out.

So....things are moving right along and we're really busy at first and then there'd be a break and then busy again.  The day was going quickly!  Then an older woman that I'd met last year when she'd told me about how she adopted a beautiful little girl from another country, approached our table.

She comes up and she asks Jennifer...Are you helping your Mom out today?  I sat there stunned because I wasn't sure that I'd heard her correctly because I am hard of hearing because I'm so old.  Jennifer doesn't miss a beat, she tells the lady....No, my Mom is at my house watching my 6 year old and my baby.

The woman (who should know better than to assume something like that since she's at least 15 years older than ME) didn't apologize or join PTA.

It was really fun to have a front row seat to watch people open their packets to see which teacher they got and scan the list of students for best friends.

My brand new Kindergartener would like you to know that there are 7 days until school starts.

Are you ready?


  1. So exciting! You are going to have such a great experience. :-)

    1. IT's already been great! I can't wait for everything we have planned to happen.

  2. Can't believe summer is almost over. I'm both sad and so happy at the same time. LOL

  3. What a bitch of a lady! It's almost as bad as asking someone when they are due only to be told they aren't pregnant. I hope PTA goes well for you this year!

  4. Who even says stuff like that?! I was out shopping with my good friend Shawn (a girl) when a store owner commeted on us having a mother-daughter shopping trip, assuming she was my mother. We walked right out without buying anything!

    Glad you had a good turn out for PTA and donations! Sweet!

  5. nope not ready i'm officially poting as I do not want a 7th grader as for PTA I signed up every year in my county and no one ever contacts me back I'm beginning to think they don't want me

  6. Wow!!! That lady needs to get her eyes checked...that is ridiculous!

    The PTA is so lucky to have you this year!! :)

  7. You are going to be awesome at PTA!

    And if a woman had been desperate enough to use duct tape, she would have at least had it going in the same direction, top and bottom...

  8. I love the excitement you are feeling. You are going to rock the PTA.

  9. I hope i can be as enthusiastic and ready for school like you are. PTA all the way ! LOL

  10. Lol! Does your friend look that young? Though you definitely don't look that old either. Some people.

    And how awesome and high tech are you- I would totally join the PTA just because I could pay with my credit card. Oh and I did join the PTA by the way- don't know if I will ever go to any meetings but I paid my $5 to join-they try and get 100% PTA membership and usually do by letting people just pay to join but not have to help out unless they want to be more involved.

  11. You are ROCKING it, Connie!

    I hope all of you have a terrific year!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!