Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Cloud Nine

I'm feeling so blessed today.

School starts tomorrow and we just finished two nights of Kindergarten Orientation.  Alex wasn't terribly excited to go back to school until he walked into his new classroom and sat at his desk.  We set his school supplies down, he introduced himself to his seat mate and waved us away.

Keith and I attended a meeting in the gym, sitting with friends.  Ironically, Keith and Dan sat and giggled like two 6 year old boys and Margaret and I had to keep giving them the evil eye.  We skipped the parking lot tour....we're pros this year!

I put my name on several volunteer sign up sheets.  I'm excited that I have more time to spend in the classroom....helping out.  More time.

What am I going to do with all of this time?  You can bet I've got a list going....that's how I roll.

I returned to Alex's classroom to find him in the front row singing and dancing with the rest of the class.   You could see the confidence on his face!  He fell right back into the routine and he's excited for school to start.  I couldn't be more pleased!

Last night, we left Mallory in her new classroom and I was afraid she was going to cry.  She's been so excited the last few days!  She couldn't wait to see her desk for the first time and seek out two friends that she'd hadn't met yet.  But then the moment arrived and she looked scared.

We forced ourselves to walk away.

We skipped the meeting in the gym.  I told Keith the night before if he found Mallory's teacher and got her permission NOT to attend again, we'd go to dinner.  Based on how quickly he completed this task....I'm guessing he really didn't want to sit through that again. HA!

We returned from dinner to find the happiest little girl I've ever seen sporting a sticker on her shirt for being the first student to find all of the items in the classroom.  As we stood on the playground, enjoying cookies and lemonade, the principal and new assistant principal came by to tell us how amazing little Mallory was in class.  Ninety minutes and they already knew her name!

That's my girl!

Keith and I are mentoring four new families this year.   It has been such a great experience!  Imagine getting to share your love for your school with new people and answering their questions and helping them through a fearful experience!  Now I know how Mormon Missionaries feel.

You're going to love it.  This school is going to change your life!  


  1. Fantastic! Look at those happy faces!

  2. I just knew she was going to LOVE it!!

  3. I can't believe it's already back to school time... Glad to hear all went well for your kiddos! Happy kids = Happy MOM! :)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad the kids had such a great introduction to the school year experience. We are going for "running start" this afternoon. Cady is pumped. I'm just ready to get it over with.

  5. So refreshing to see someone so involved in their children's education! And if you can master a school parking lot and the pick up process, you have arrived!

  6. Excellent!! I'm so glad it's going so well for both of them! I have no doubt they'll both do really well this year!

    Man, I really wish our school had a mentoring program set up. I really could have used that my first year at this school.

  7. What a fabulous way to start off the school year!!! I always loved volunteering too. :)

  8. That's awesome. I'm not looking forward to school.

  9. how wonderful look how happy they are

  10. hahah how the mormons feel! glad they both love it!!

  11. Yea!!! So glad they are both loving it already and sounds like they will both have an awesome year. I wish I could help out more at the school- but until Ryder is in preschool limited on what I can do.

  12. I think you should take up flower arranging...


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