Friday, April 16, 2010

Kids Make The Darndest Things: Bobot


Last week, I took the kids to get their yearly check up. I decided to start taking them to see Cindi (my weight loss doctor...but she's also family practice) because I like her, I trust her and she has 4 kids so I think she has great experience as a health care provider. Plus, if the health care bill jacks everything up...I want to have a doctor friend in the family. Also, my sister Bobbi works for her. The kids LOVE their Aunt Bobbi so who better to make them cry when they get shots.

At the appointment....Cindi asked Alex to draw a stick figure. In my head I'm screaming at myself, 'You idiot! You haven't taught Alex how to draw stick figures! We've been working on circles and squares! Which are obviously so last year!' Alex...saves me and draws a circle and a line which Cindi accepts as a stick figure.  Either...she's not had many stick figures drawn for her, or her kids are not artistically inclined.

We move on to jumping on one foot which I've not taught him either but Mallory jumps in and does it so it looks like I've been doing something with my kids. This would also be a good time to note that she also read the eye chart for him.  On the way home, I bought Mallory a pony.

I relayed this information to Calvin at dinner that night and he took it upon himself to teach Alex how to draw stick figures....on the iPad.  We are NOT old school around here...we are high tech.  Alex did great and this is what he drew by himself.

It's a bobot!

Do you have some art work that your kid has done with a great story behind it? Link up at Buried with Children.


  1. I don't know if merrick could draw a stick figure! Uh-oh.

  2. He is so beyond advanced b/c anyone can draw a stick figure. He draws a bobot. :)

    Love it.

    And thank yo for playing. It means a lot to me. :)

  3. You are too funny! That is an excellent stick figure and a good use for your ipad :) Z is just starting to make heads with eyes and the two lines coming down for legs. I had nothing to do with it, it was all preschool!

  4. So glad I'm not the only one that freaks out at the doctor when things like hopping on one foot, and drawing stick figures comes up! :) Love the Bobot.

  5. Love his bobot! Thats about how I draw people too...even now

  6. Reminds me of how my brother used to draw people. A Circle with lines for arms and legs. Still cracks me up to this day!

    THe story of Mallory doing everything for Alex reminds me of my brother and sister. They are twins, and when it was potty training time, my sis wanted to know why she couldn't help my brother hold "it". LOL.

  7. Funny- and I love how you get to use that iPad for everything!!!


  8. I love your description of their check up. When the nurse started asking my three-year old questions I was nervous about how she'd respond. Fortunately she knew her shapes and didn't have to draw stick figures! Maybe we'll work on that tomorrow.

    Stopping by from Kids Make the Darndest Things.

    ~Amber at Because Babies Grow Up

  9. Love it!

    Stick figures are the funniest things! The preschool teacher told us our daughter was "advanced" because she was drawing fingers and the arms weren't attached to the heads. Then we flipped the page and found out it was my nephew's drawing. LOL

    Paige is finally drawing people that look like people and not spiders. :)

  10. Now that is too funny! I love it.

  11. Baby Girl loves to draw. She is constantly wanting her colors (which have to be kept up) and paper and I can never find pens because she steals all of them.

  12. I adore his bobot!

    I think our kids' kids won't even know what paper is! They'll just use their iPads. :)


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