Sunday, April 4, 2010

The iPad is Here!

Yesterday was so exciting! Waiting for the iPad to arrive and then playing with it and adding apps was really so fun. We even went to Best Buy to buy it a cover so that nothing bad would happen to it.  I think I need to name my iPad so I can stop calling  What do you think?

I've only played with it for a short time...but so far, I'm loving that I can watch Netflix movies, ABC TV shows and accessing my google reader and leaving comments is a breeze! This is the perfect item for bloggers!

Last night, I watched Julie and Juila in bed.

Calvin has downloaded a bunch of apps (pages, numbers) that he'll use for work and he's quite excited about them. He's also impressed with the speed of loading and we both love how crisp the picture is.

We couldn't be more pleased!


  1. I love it, "Thats a big iphone!"

    HOW FUN!

    Thanks for blogging this. I love feeling like I was there and part of the action.

    I name all of my electronics. My nintendo DS is "Diego Sanchez" (which Hubs calls Dirty Sanchez), my car is M&M (I wanted Mexi, he wanted "Masta" so we compromised), my old phone was "Julio"-- haven't named the new one yet.

    I think with how FUN and efficient the iPad will be, you should certainly give it a female name.

    I'll get the ball rollin' about "Jess." Has a nice ring to it. Although, if you were to name it Jess, don't be surprised when all of your wine disappears. Just sayin'

  2. Cool. Glad you are having fun with it.

  3. You're too funny. So glad it got there safely. :o)

  4. That was too funny, but it ended too abruptly. What about showing it in use? I want to see the Weiss family playing with their "big iPhone." Also wanted to say I posted a big thank you post for you today.

  5. That's awesome but I have to say, I giggled when it took Calvin a little bit to get it on. ;)


  6. takes him that long to turn me on too.


  7. the video at 3:02 - How come Alex gets to play with the old iPhone? No fair! :)

    I can't velieve how thin that thing is! You should name it Paddy. Or Slim. Or Steve.

  8. UH- the way Calvin's eyes lite up when he opened the a kid who just got his favorite present from JEALOUS!!!!!

    We need more- more video of how great it is!!!!!


  9. Cute video [as usual!]. I'm anxious to hear how you'll be using your new iPad... I don't know what I'd do with one!

  10. Loved the video, especially the note you left for the UPS driver so ensure he didn't think you weren't home!

    If you haven't named "it" yet my vote is for "Babe", "Sonny", or "Cher". :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!