Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey John Elway

**no vlog today...I've got a cold.**

Bobbi and I were watching TV the other night when this commercial came on....

We both GASPED at the same time because of JOHN ELWAY!!!

We grew up in a little town called Greeley and we lived right behind the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) which is were the world famous Denver Bronco's used to have training camp every summer in the 80's and 90's. Bobbi and I would often spend the afternoons sunning ourselves and watching scrimmages and then she would wait patiently for them to walk back to the dorms so she could get their autograph.

The Bronco's coming to town was always a big deal in Greeley. There were articles in the newspaper about the players and rumors about them carrying on in the local bars. There was always a bit of excitement that you might run into a Bronco.

One Tuesday night in August in 1995, I was sitting in the bar at the Smiling Moose when HE walked in. There was an entourage of football players with him and he walked right past my table. The world stood still for a few minutes and my friends say that my mouth dropped open and I sat in stunned silence...unable to speak. John Elway had just walked past my table. He stood a few feet away, sipping his beer and talking to fans for over an hour. And I just gawked at him.

Fast forward 11 years, Keith and I were shopping for a new SUV. We decided to check out John Elway Nissan and test drove a couple different vehicles. I told our salesman what a huge fan I was and he took me upstairs and showed me John's office! I was giddy! If John would have walked in...I think I would have fainted.

Which brings me to why I'm telling you all this. The commercial that we saw the other night is just like the one up at the top of the page but a little different. The one we saw was advertising the Golf Tournament in Las Vegas in October. Bobbi and I looked at each other when we saw the date and we squealed....John Elway (and Justin Timberlake) will be in Vegas the same time we will be there for SITScation. We are formulating a plan to stalk John in Vegas!

**Keith would like to make it known that he does not support the stalking of John Elway and now regrets letting me go to Vegas at all. He is threatening to pull my sponsorship. But much trouble can a chubby housewife from Utah get into anyway?**

"YOU'RE JUST TOO GOOD NOT TO STALK" -Frankie Valli Parody - More amazing video clips are a click away


  1. Awww...I'm missing the vlog!!!

    But the commercial is too cute!! Stalk away sweet friend!! And tell Calvin to get over it!! It's not like John Elway is your bf from McDonalds!!!


    hope you feel better soon!!

  2. That is awesome!!! And let it be known I fully support and endorse the stalking of hot NFL guys!!! ;-)

  3. Woohoo, this is getting more and more exciting!

    Hope the cold leaves quickly.

  4. I love both of those dudes!!!!! So funny. Did you catch JT on his Saturday night live shows? WAY funny!!!!! We are Bronco fans too!!!!!!

  5. One time I was on the airport tram with Jake "the Snake" Plummer. I tried to get off at his gate, but the hub wouldn't let me :(

    Have blast at Sitscation, and be sure to tweet any JT or JE sightings!

  6. I'm with Kristen...ain't nothing wrong with stalking hot NFL guys;)

  7. I totally support the stalking plan. I mean, come on, we have to have a little fun. Make sure to bring your camera!


  8. Good Luck in September :)

    Happy SITS Sharefest!!

  9. Ok. The video? Creepy. And yet so funny!

  10. How fun. I'll be looking forward to the blogs from Vegas.

  11. I'm sure that's why they scheduled the SITScation there!

  12. How fun that will be! Take photos for us. Don't call us if you get arrested, though.

  13. So you need to really get some practice with the video camera for your stalking! I want to see video!

    I have this weird infatuation with Justin Timberlake, so maybe stalk him a little for me!!

    That commercial made me laugh right through this migraine.. amazing.

  14. I can't tell if you are still in CO. I have been in the Denver Metro area for most of my life. My husband has met John several times. He wasn't so impressed. He says he is arrogant.The video was cute though. Every time I want to say I don't like Justin, I watch something like SNL show and I can't resist loving him.
    I cannot support the stalking of John, but will drive the stalker mobile for Justin.

  15. perhaps i should have put my comments here but all i have to say is





I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!