Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Olson Cabin

We haven't been on a trip since March.  We traveled all over the country for two years and now we're taking a break because we have a big trip coming up in July.

For the first time ever, we'll be taking the kids to my favorite place on earth!  The Olson Cabin.

It's cabin that has been in my family for a very long time and is the place I think of when someone tells me to go to my happy place.  It's in Northern Minnesota on a lake and it's the most peaceful place you could ever imagine.

My Great Grandparents bought the land when they first came to Minnesota and it started as two rooms.  Over the years, they added a bedroom and bathroom with indoor plumbing and a long screened porch.  My Dad just spent 3 weeks at the cabin having it remodeled and our old guest room furniture that belonged to my Mother in Law is now in the bedroom.

I can't wait to take my kids there!

And neither can my Dad.  He sent the kids these shirts last week!  We're so excited.

There's No Place Like The Olson Cabin

As you can see....my little photo shoot didn't go so well.  Maybe this should be my new header!

On a side note, we'll also be headed to Canada to spread Robert's ashes at his favorite fishing spot. It will be nice to finally fulfill his wishes.


  1. Love family stuff like that. We had a cabin on the Gulf Coast when I was young and it was destroyed in Hurricane Ike. Never realized how much I missed it until it was gone...even though we had sold it prior to the hurricane.

    Enjoy the Olson Cabin for as long as you can...that's good stuff.

  2. Haha! It is about time for an updated header! I like it!

    Your trip to the cabin sounds like so much fun! And you've got plenty of time to prepare for it since it's in JULY! I love staying in cabins!

    {P.S. Is it weird that when I saw your title, I immediately thought of Mary Kate and Ashley? Full House addict right here.}

  3. What a wonderful tradition to pass on to the kids!


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