Monday, October 21, 2013

Day Out With Jessica

My best friend Jessica was coming to town and I needed to find some stuff for us to do.  I went to and put in the day that we'd be spending together.  That's when I discovered that the Great American Beer Fest was going to be that weekend.

This also means that it's Denver Beer Week!  Yeah Baby!

I immediately found the perfect thing for us to do.....a Beer Paring Breakfast!

I asked Jessica if she has convictions about drinking before noon.  She didn't, in fact, she said she encourages it!  I called up Pub 17 on Welton to make a reservation and the nice man that took my information said that my name sounded familiar.  I asked him if he was a member of the PTA and he said no.  He made a big deal about telling me the menu and kept calling me Mrs. Weiss.

Jessica and I arrived a little early for our breakfast and the man I spoke with on the phone greeted us warmly.  I explained to Jess that he thinks I am somebody.  We sat at the bar and ordered Dirty Martinis and he told the bartender that they were on him.  Who does he think I am?

I suppose he could have googled me while we were on the phone.

What do you know!  Google thinks I am somebody!

Jessica and I had the best time and our Beer Pairing Breakfast with Fort Collins Brewery was so great! You can read all about it later this week on The Rookie Foodie.


  1. How fun! Google thinks this is me.....

  2. Off to Google myself...that sounds dirty!

  3. LMAO I'm so happy to "know" you, Mrs. Weiss!!! ;P
    I'm too afeared to Google myself....yikes!

  4. I think it's funny that more food and drink pictures show up when you google 'Connie Weiss' than pictures of you. :o)

  5. GREAT AMERICAN BEER FEST?? That has to be heaven on earth!!

    What fun...and are you kidding?? The nice man that took your information ain't no fool! He knows you ARE somebody!!

    And so do we, Mrs. Weiss.



I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!