Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oktoberfest Party

I had selfish reasons for throwing my husband a 50th Birthday Party. Yes, I thought it would be fun and I wanted to honor him but I also wanted to make sure that he throws one for me in 25 7 years.

iKeith and I love going to Oktoberfest every year (when we can) and we're both German (him more than me) so it was the perfect theme!  We were also celebrating Keith's parents 50th wedding anniversary....thank goodness those too had a fling in the backseat of that car!

Oktoberfest Party

We had a white tent that served as the Bier Tent and it also held the food.  Brats, Sauerkraut, chips and dip and Deviled Egg Pasta Salad. We went through 13 pounds of ice.  THIRTEEN!  We offered two kinds of German beer and Coors and Bud and Sam Adams Oktoberfest which is my personal favorite.  That great sign was purchased from Party City, online....they don't carry it in the store.

We're Germans

Also from Party City, the cute bibs!  I had fully intended to purchase authentic lederhosen and a beer wench outfit but Keith said no.  These worked great and I was able to force convince my Mom, Sister and Mother in Law to wear them too. My friend Helle helped me make the Pretzel Necklaces for all of our guests.  It was a nice little snack while chatting with friends and drinking a cold bier.

Sisters and Mom Oktoberfest Party

See our friends there?  Everyone was required to take a picture with them before they could leave.  They also came from Party City.  Everyone had fun moving their arms and legs into fun positions for the pictures!

Stike a Pose

A good time was had by all and the weather was perfect for that short time. It was great to see our dearest friends and family again for a happy reason and Keith's Birthday wish is that he lives long enough to see my 50th birthday. Well! He had better because he has a party to throw!


  1. Such an awesome theme idea for Keith's big 5-0! I love it!! (I'm also a huge fan of Oktoberfest, so I guess that's only natural! haha!)
    Pretzel necklaces?! GENIUS!!!!

    1. The necklaces were a HUGE hit! I think I want to have an Oktoberfest party every year!

  2. What a cute party idea. I bet he was super impressed!!

  3. So glad that Keith had a great birthday. You throw an awesome party.

  4. Sounds like you threw the perfect party for him


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