Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's Go To The Boat Show

BO (before Obama) we owned a house and a boat.

I didn't spend very much time on this boat because being pregnant + choppy water = Connie throwing up!

It was fun while it lasted.

Last weekend, my husband informed me that he wanted to go to the Denver Travel, Boat and RV show.  I tried offering him sex so that he'd forget about it but he didn't.

I didn't want to go because I have no desire to own a boat or RV.  Plus we don't have the money for such things even though we are living in a 990 sq ft apartment in the ghetto. I'm also afraid of running into one of my ex-husbands.

I'm convinced that people should not own boats unless they fit the following criteria.

  • They are independently wealthy and have an extra $1000 a month to throw in the toilet.
  • They live on a body of water so they can use it all the time.
  • They are homeless and live on the boat.
  • They own a boat business.

So we went to the Travel, Boat and RV show and I didn't see any of my ex-husbands but I did see an RV that was nicer than my apartment.

fireplace, kitchen island AND washer/dryer hook up
My family found a sweet party boat.

I found where the dhingy's of shame were being sold.

And we found this cool mural in the stairs!

It was a fun way to kill a couple hours and I highly recommend it....if only to see how the other half lives! 

  Disclosure: I was not paid to talk about the Denver Travel, Boat and RV show....obviously.


  1. You tried offering sex?!?

    I totally cracked up. You are a damn nut!!

    When I was married, that jackass always had a boat and I completely agree with your list. Anytime "I" wanted to do something it was "well, once "we" get the boat paid for..."

    We. "We" didn't want a boat.

    So, yes. The next man in my life that wants a boat better have the bucks or be living on it.

    You're brilliant.

  2. One of the reasons that my FIL hates me is because I'm the reason we got rid of the boat.

    And he's always trying to guilt my husband into buying another one.

    That sneaky bastard also signed my kids up for boat catalogs!!

  3. I'm with you though, the only reasons to own a boat are the reasons you gave.
    And that mural pic is pretty awesome.

  4. love your disclaimer! my hubs so badly wants a boat and I am constantly steering him away from that thought ;) He almost bought an orange boat from the 70's last year...thank god it sold before he could go back to look at it!!!

  5. We have a boat. Kind of. It's my father in law's but he never uses it. We put it in the water last year for the first time since we had kids. It made me remember why boating can be so fun. So hopefully we will get it in the water at least a couple times this summer.

  6. hahaha ex-h's. I want a boat. and now I keep singing "I'm on a BOAT!" love me some Andy Samberg

  7. Your reasoning for being a boat owner make complete & total sense! We thought about buying one before we had Amira & Thank sweet baby Jesus that we didn't. Here in the rain state we would only use it 2 maybe 3 months a year & of course since the economy went to shit & Sammer has to work almost damn near every single day we would never use it at all. We'll just freeload with my sister & her family when they head to the lake with their boat :)

  8. What is with husbands and boats? My hubs wants one too, but mostly for fishing. Looks like a fun day, though. Sex as a distraction, love it!

  9. There was a boat here when I arrived, and it's been sitting there unused ever since. It's just about to exchange hands.

  10. Haha! I was just going to say at least you got a cool blog post and pictures out of that boat show!!
    That RV is crazy! One I aspire to obtain one day! :)

    I think it's hilarious (BO)Before Obama! Makes me wonder who you are voting for next year?!

  11. I think your regulations for owning a boat are spot on! I don't even want one of those things! However, having a friend with one would be pretty nice.

    Awesome mural picture!

  12. We have a boat. We use it, but we are really close to fresh and salt water.

  13. I always loved going through the RV's at the state fair, have always wanted one. We looked into renting one for a weekend camping trip once but those things are expensive.


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