Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Day...Unplugged

What did I miss? Apparently blogger updated their interface but it says my browser doesn't support it...whatever that means.  I guess I need to look into that.

I also missed an invite to a Mile High Mama's event at The Museum of Nature and Science.  It was sold out at 4pm.  It happens to be the night of my first PTA meeting and if I'm going to be the President someday...I can't miss the first one.'s all good.

Here is a run down of my day:

8am....shut everything down. (I'd like to know the electricity that was saved today) breakfast in front of the TV while watching a segment on The Today Show about Teens that are addicted to technology.  Find out that Teens are cyber bullying each other anonymously on Formspring.  Vow not to get a formspring account...or a cellphone for my kids until they are 30.  Tips from the *expert*: don't take your phone to bed with you.  Any texts tweets sent after 10pm are irrational. Park your phone when you have company.

8:50am...sign an 8 month lease on my apartment and vow to get the hell out of here and BUY A HOUSE by April. Nancy Drew with Mallory.  Think to myself that her Penny Loafer's are kind of cute and wish I could google *penny loafer*.

10am..Impulsive Addict calls to check up on me.  Love her for doing this with me!

10:15am....Wish I could check my weather app to see what the temp is.

10:35am...Email break (but not twitter) I have 51 emails.  NONE of them are important.  Check the weather app.  It's 80 degrees.  Turn on the AC and straighter my hair just like a You Tube Video I saw yesterday.  Wish I could watch the video again.

11am...Pick up Alex, remember to take my watch so that I know what time it is instead of checking my phone. Go to McDonald's Drive through and remember that I can't check in on 4square or Gowalla or FB or Forkly.  Wonder how my friends on twitter will live without knowing where I was.

12pm...Watch Y&R on TV that I DVR'd instead of watching it online.  I actually pay attention to what is going on without being distracted by twitter and cry at the end.

12:45pm....Open Alex's backpack and find that Ms. M is helping me out.  She sent me a Scholastic Books Magazine to read. Get to page four and see that they want me to follow @parentandchild on twitter.  Read 1/2 of magazine and find things I want to google:

The Rhythm of Family by Amanda and Stephen Soule
My Future Listography
How Your Child Learns Best by Judy Willis
Recipe that I'm making for dinner
The house I saw for sale by the school.

1pm...Do a load of laundry and wish I could check my weather app because it's hotter than hades outside. Decide to watch this really bad movie so that I can see a love scene with Michael Muhney in it.  Luckily the kids stayed in their room playing legos.

2:15pm..Check email (49) and weather app (95 degrees).

2:30pm Watching Nancy Drew....again.  Ask Alex 50 times to stop calling her Nasty Drew.  Find the little chubby kid that loves her annoying and think that the penny loafers look stupid now.  Wish I could google the name of the cute kid that likes her from her old town.

4:10pm...turn on my computer.  Send out my first tweet of the day and check my weather app again.

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  1. I think it sounds like a successful day - I actually had to go look at a clock today to find the time - horror! :)

  2. I love you Connie. Like big time. This was an awesome day! Let's not do it again for a while, ok?

    Now I need to write down those websites and look them up too. And Foursquare, gowalla, and forkly.

    WE DID IT!!!!

  3. busy day! I'm a bit confused on the new interface thing... but I haven't read/saw any more about it beyond the notice that it changed haha

  4. You're day was eventful! I'm glad you changed your mind on penny loafers. There was several times during the day that I wanted to tweet/Facebook/google/text someone or something. I almost caved. I'm a little hurt that a certain someone did NOT call and check on me. I guess we see who rates here.

    I kept some notes. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow. That stupid day of being unplugged should count for something.

    I'm glad we made it. Let's not do that anymore. Mmmkay

  5. Good for you. I couldn't do it. Even when forced, I can't.

  6. Um yeah I gotta confess- I used my phone to check what time it was.. I can't find my watch though, I think it may be buried in the diaper bag. But I DID not even take a "lunch" break.
    How did you get that screen shot of the twitter feed? That is cool

  7. Wow - I need a day unplugged. I don't know if I could do it without getting the shakes though LOL!!


  8. Nice! I didn't take any email breaks, or time breaks. Although, when I took my phone off the charger, I saw I got a comment on my Google+ account. So tempted to see who it was a from. :D

  9. I used to get twitchy when I was offline, but now I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  10. Connie, invest in a thermometer!

    I hate the thought of not being able to instantly Google something. I mean how many random thoughts and questions went unanswered before Google?? Sad to think about...

    Glad it was a successful 8 hours for you and I'm with JK - good thinking on the penny loafers.

  11. I am so proud of you and the rest of your "cool friends".

    I could go without my phone as long as I was home but I have a slight panic attack if I get my seat belt on and don't have my phone in my lap! The computer is worse for me, it's a total time suck!

  12. I'd completely forgotten penny loafers existed - now I want to go out and grab a pair!

  13. Man, you made it all the way to 9 am before the urge to Google something came up! Sweet!

  14. I saw that same Today Show segment and thought of you guys. Too funny!

  15. You are a brave soul! I'm not lovin' the blogger update. I just decided to stay where I am for now.

  16. You made it!!!! :o) Think you'll try it again anytime soon??

    Have fun house hunting! That is one of my favorite things to do! (Not buy houses, just look at them, the buying part is pretty stressful...) I hope you find something perfect for you and the fam though!!

  17. Way to go, Connie. I'm so proud of you and your friends. You did so well and survived.
    I know what you mean about wanting to Google things right away. I even love having it on my phone. We have become a society of instant gratification, how bad are we?
    I hope you try your experiment again some day, it really is good for you. I try to do it once every couple of weeks. But I do use my iPhone. =)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!