Monday, August 15, 2011

School Anxiety

I'm trying to remain calm.

I'm organizing and labeling and drinking too much wine.

I feel like if I can just stay busy and organized then Thursday will arrive and everything will be fine.

I told everyone that today we'd be starting the new schedule and doing a dry run to the school.  I need to know how long it will take so that we can make any necessary adjustments on the big day.

Apparently....I've stressed out my little boy because he didn't sleep last night and now I wonder if I should just let him sleep or continue with my schedule.


I had a big Going to School Dinner planned for Wednesday night but now I'm wondering if I should just keep it low key?  He hasn't expressed any anxiety about school....until last night.


In one of the emails I've received from the Welcome Committee, it said that Alex needed to wear a name tag for the first week with his teachers name on it.  I had this brillant idea to buy one of those plastic shields with the clip and print out his name tag on the computer.

I stood in Office Max for 30 minutes trying to decide what to do because you can't just buy ONE plastic thing and ONE clip.  You have to buy packs of 10.  This little idea was going to cost me $10.  I walked around and I fretted and I called iKeith and he didn't answer. (he never answers)

Finally, I decided to do the iKeith test and asked myself if Keith would roll his eyes at me over this idea, decided that YES, he would so I put that stuff back and bought name tag stickers and a sharpie.


Mallory is very excited for Alex to start school!  I think she's looking forward to having some time alone with me and has come up with some activities for us to do together.  I have NO idea where she came up with these.

  • Go to the mall and ride the Merry Go Round
  • Go to coffee. 
  • Paint each other's nails?
  • Do each other's hair.
  • Have a pillow fight in our underwear.
  • Go to Target and get coffee.
  • Spend Daddy's money.
  • Go to the library. 


I am loving my new Cozi Calendar and App!

I went through the school calendar and put all of the important dates in...and all of my to-do lists are in one place and I can mark them off on my phone!  You can set up a journal where you jot little notes about what's going on and then have your journal emailed in a newsletter format to family and friends.

This is going to make starting school so much easier!

Pray for us.....


  1. I'm sure he is going to do great! Just plan in some downtime after school so he can unwind. Also, having a cold drink waiting for him in the car will have him in a much better mood by the time you arrive home. They don't get to drink all day like at home and he'll be thirsty, likely hungry, and definitely ZONKED until he gets used to the new normal. Good luck!

  2. Connie - I got anxious reading this, haha

    Relax woman!!! It's just school! Alex is going to have so much fun.

    And I can't believe they don't GIVE you flipping name tags. God schools are so cheap nowadays.

    Stick with the Going to School Dinner...any reason to have a huge feast is fine by me.

    Mallory has a super awesome list of things to do, hopefully you ladies get to do it all!

  3. I think the anxiety is normal. Baby Girl had anxiety about starting school last year and she had been in daycare every day since she was one. If you think about it anytime you start something new or people new people you get a little anxious. Why wouldn't it be the same for a kid? Once he starts going and gets used to it he is going to do great.

  4. I think the anxiety is normal too. My son used to get really anxious before school too. It will all be good!

  5. It's so cute how excited you are! Yes, I think our littles feel our anxiety. I know when I get upset both my kids start crying :(

    Good luck to you both!

  6. So cute... your kiddos are adorbs (hee- Copyright, Josh Groban) but seriously, you will all do well esp the kiddos. Moms - well, we will eventually do better. Hang in there chica and know that on Wed night and Thursday you are in my thoughts. Can't wait to hear all about it and then about the coffee with your daughter later in the day :-) ha

  7. Have you picked out your back to school outfit yet? Even the moms have to look sharp. :) I think a back to school dinner would be fine...just be subtle about it. And I LOVE the pillow fight idea!! Wherever did THAT come from? :)

  8. MmmmK. You need to calm the bleep down. You are making ME wiggy and I'm usually pretty calm.

    First, Alex is a smart kid as well as fairly intuitive, right? You're getting wiggy and stressed and that means he'll pick up on it. Take care of the things you need to by putting a "isn't this exciting?!" spin on it. Let him choose the color of the sharpie. Let him choose if he gets to wear the blue shirt or the red one the 1st day.

    I wouldn't have a great big dinner, but a Fab, celebratory breakfast would be perfect. Choose his fav foods (that can be made the night before) and put little apples/pencils on the table.

    Second, anything that iKeith would roll his eyes at means you're probably on the right track and should do it anyway.

  9. I don't even think you need the prayers - girl, you got this! You are so ready and organized! Just breathe deep and relax! :o) It's gonna be fun!

    I love how obsessed Mallory is with getting coffee. ;o) Girlfriend already knows what she wants!

  10. @MightyM...YES!! I bought a new outfit for Orientation night AND First Day of School!!

  11. I think I would have stood there and called until my hubs answered the phone... and then gotten upset that it took 72 calls for him to answer and how stressed I am.. hah! I can relate. Its not easy being Mom. Love the calendar idea! Cool!

  12. I hate back to school so this makes my tummy hurt. :(

  13. he is going to do great!!! I love back to school- makes me ready for Maggie to go to school. I get so excited!!

  14. He'll do great! Definitely have a fun dinner, now is the time to start traditions. We use the "you are special" plate in our house for the first day of school. G starts next week, 5 days a week. Sigh. I'm gonna be crying with you.

  15. Don't stress. It will be fine!

    I love Mal's list of things to do.

    And I downloaded that cozi app. I guess I should start using it huh?

    I'm having a tooth pulled tomorrow (Wisdom) and I took my first ever Xanax per my dentist (and 2 in the am). I don't feel different. DAMN IT.

  16. Good luck! Anticipation of big events is so hard! It's like giving birth or something! Of course I wouldn't know about having your kids start school.....but I can imagine :)

  17. I've seen those nametag lanyard thingys in the back to school section at WalMart and Target - your school's not the only one who does that, I guess. You might find one yet.

    Can't wait to read all about it!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!