Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhone Challenge...

Do you ever feel like you've become too dependent on your phone and your computer? Are you addicted to Words with Friends and Twitter?

Every now and again....I find it really helpful to unplug from all of my electronics. It helps me realize that there are OTHER ways that I could be spending my time and that there are PEOPLE that I should be focusing that time on.

I've gotten way better about this as my kids have gotten older and over this summer actually. I have taken a lot more time to read (I've read NINE books this summer. Looky here.) and I've done more things with my kids.

My kids need me more and I NEED to be more in the moment.

So...when Impulsive Addict started talking about taking a break from her phone...I pushed encouraged her to do it and said I'd do it with her.

Tomorrow...I'm joining up with Impulsive Addict, Emmy Mom and @AmberNDE for a iPhone/Computer Fast for 8 hours.

Could you give up your phone (except if it rings and you don't have a landline) and your computer (except for 2 ~15 minute breaks to check email) for 8 hours (me: 8am-4pm MST)? Should you?

Join us, keep a log of what you did instead and blog about it on Thursday!

YAY! Barb from Yoga Pants and Coffee is joining us!
WOOT!  Pam from Be Colorful is joining us too!
Boo YA! Teri from The Mighty M Family is in!
Yippy! Sara Jo from Outta This World wants in!


  1. Not unless you count sleeping time. :) But then I use a computer at work so I'm online pretty much all day.

  2. I'm ready for this! I feel kind of excited. ~ @AmberNDE

  3. I'm on this like white on rice. Great idea!!!

  4. Yep, totally nervous and excited. I think the computer will be easy it will be that darn phone and every time that I hear it beeping saying I have a new email or tweet... but we can do it right!
    Oh and I will end up blogging about it on Friday, as I have a weekly Thursday meme :) hehe

  5. Noooooooooooo. OMG maybe. Crap. Okay. I could write my post tonight.... or tomorrow evening. - after the eight hours are up. :0 Then I could go to reader, pinterest, check text messages, facebook, twitter, Skype with my kid in Japan. Lordy, it will be 2 AM when I get to bed but okay, I'm in. :)

  6. Im so stinking nervous! If I fail, I will blame you.

  7. I'm in. I think. :) Tomorrow, right? :)

  8. Wow... you guys rock!! My parents and husband would kill me if they tried to call and I didn't answer. My parents would have the police looking for me for sure!!

    As far as the FB, blog or tweets, yeah.. I could totally leave it alone.

  9. I should probably do this tomorrow anyway. Hubby with be out of the office, so no chatting on g chat with him. Now, does it count if the kiddos use my computer or phone? Number 4 likes to use my phone. And number 2 and 3 use my computer sometimes. lol!

    I'm a maybe. @sarajolee

  10. I really should give this a go :) And look at me - commenting from my NOOK!!!

  11. I dont use the computer 3 days from either Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday. Its lovely to just have the break away

  12. I did this challenge without even trying: one week on a cruise ship, then 23 hrs in a car (ok, a couple of texts), then coming home to power outage after Hurricane Irene, or whatever the hell her name was). Not only were land lines out, but cell phones had no service either. Power back today but still no service on my cell. No iphone? No problem.

  13. Yeah...good luck with that crap!

  14. I should have joined in but I already have my day planned out and it includes using the computer. Oh well, maybe next time!

    Or not!

  15. FUNNY...this is actually the topic for WWTK this week...cellphones!

    i am not giving mine up, not gonna happen.

  16. I would join in, but this would be too easy for me. I sometimes go days without checking my phone. Frustrating for those trying to contact me, but I can't handle the constant attention it demands if I keep it by me all the time. Good luck with this. I hope you enjoy getting a break from it and don't go crazy! :o)


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  18. I look forward to this break every summer. We vacation in the North Carolina mountains for 10 days with no cable, no cell phone and no internet relying strictly on books, board games, conversation and libations for entertainment. IT IS THE MOST REFRESHING EXPERIENCE.

  19. I actually did this last Thursday, I didn't go on the computer AT ALL for the entire day. I checked my email twice during the day and did check Twitter a couple of times also on my iPhone, but that was it.
    I read an entire book, took a nap, played with the puppies and ran errands with the hubs.
    It was nice to not be bombarded with all that stuff for the whole day, but then I felt SO behind the next day and had so many emails to catch up on. I'm still behind. TeeHee


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