Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Redo Challenge~ My Boudoir

Once a upon a time in a land far, far away...okay in Utah. There lived a husband and wife that loved each other very much. They loved each other soooo much that they had two babies in 10.5 months. This made them very, very tired.

Because of this endless tiredness, their bedroom became a place for fitful sleep, laundry piles and toys. It was often dusty and cluttered and not a nice place to be. They spent so little time in this room together that no more babies were made. hint hint

One day the wife said to her husband. I miss you. And he said he missed her too. So it came to pass that the wife would decide to make their bedroom a sanctuary where they could rekindle the spark that had brought them together in the first place. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

I've been working on a plan for this room for a month as a part of Shortmama's House Redo project. I'm sewing a duvet for the bed and I bought some frames but I don't have all of the details figured out yet. This morning, The Inspired Room announced a contest to win a $200 giftcard to HomeGoods for a room make over! What perfect timing!

Our bedroom is a sad place. I love the color of the walls, they are kind of a seafoam green and the big window that looks out to the mountains and some trees but it has become a MESS! I never decorated it....only putting a wedding picture on the dresser. Our summer down comforter has no duvet and the ironing board (i don't iron) is a dumping ground for clothes that need put away.

Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

I really want to make this room clutter free....getting rid of the giraffe, the shelf leaning against the wall and the ironing board. I would like to put some candles on the dresser that could be lit during romantical moments.

This is my side of the bed. I have an old TV stand as a night stand and there is nothing on the wall above our bed. The only thing I like is the big mirror. I would put some artwork or pictures above the bed and I need a little side table for my books....and a lamp. A couple throw pillows would be nice on the bed too.

I love this window in our bedroom. It lets in so much light and there is a beautiful view of the mountains (more so in the winter). I would love to put a simple window treatment on the top of that window. It is the focal point as you walk in the room and unless the blinds are open...it's not a very pretty one.

Please Melissa...pick me and my poor lonely boudoir! Help me decorate my love nest and bring an old (okay...we've only been married 5 years) married couple back to each other.

And I might even be inclined to wear something like this when I vacuum.....

If you would like to enter to win a $200 giftcard to HomeGood, visit The Inspired Room and find out how.

If you would like to redo a room of your house this month and post about it with Shortmama and me. Go here and find out how.


  1. You are sooo funny. I think your bedroom has great possibilities.--nice bed, great view too. I bet you could fix it quite nice adding those pieces that you mentioned--side table, pictures, take out the ironing board etc. Let us know how it all turns out even if you don't win the make-over. I'm sure you are inspired just by planning for it. Go for it! Good luck. Please post yourself in that adorable little black outfit by the bed when you finish too!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I cant wait to see the afters! Is your wall caller a light gray? That is what color I am painting mine this weekend!

  3. very fun project! We have been thinking of doing ours for a while now, we're working on Pmans right now. Cant wait to see afters, in the outfit too! hahaha good luck and I hop eyou win the card!

  4. How fun Connie! I can't wait to see what you do. So exciting!


  5. I love your bed! The only thing I've hung on our bedroom wall is a picture of Judy Garland. I just really like the photo!

  6. Your room has got nothing but potential! What a great space. I'm sitting here reading and thinking, "Oh! She could do this! Oh!!! She could do that too!" Keep us posted.

  7. Whatever you decide to do to it, remember I'll help!

  8. You are pretty good, girl!
    It was just 6 months ago, when my kids turned 6 and 4 that I formally declared our bedroom "Toys-Free Zone".

  9. Good luck. Looks like you've got lots of possibilities and ideas to work with. I love that color too. I've been thinking about painting our bedroom a light gray.... hmmmm. But we don't have a homegood store so that GC wouldn't do me any good. :(

  10. I hope you win! You could do a lot with that room, it has great angles. That window would be yummy with some floor length curtains!

  11. Sounds like you already have a plan, that is great! I can't wait to see after pictures. I wish I was as handy with a sewing machine.

    Oh, and I don't iron either. Hate it!

  12. I hope you win! How fun. Plus, love the idea of the French Maid outfit:)

  13. You cracked me up with the caulk! What's up with that anyway? Good Luck - your room has loads and loads of potential.

  14. Great story! And great motivation. I hope you win - but even if you don't it sounds like the two of you will get that bedroom in order & forget about sparks, I expect there will be fires in there!

  15. Nice room - I too see a lot of potential there. Good luck winning the contest!

  16. i know what you mean by having that special place for you and your husband. my br is my sanctuary. it is always clean, sparsely decorated, and there are never any toys, bottles, etc in it b/c for a few hours every night, i like to pretend i don't have children and i get to sleep in everyday.


  17. you are too funny :) such a aweet story....nice outfit!!!

  18. Connie, you've got great ideas... I love your bed!! I bet you could put some great fabric on those posts and that would look really sexy!! More babies!!!
    I really like how the ceiling peaks, it gives the room such hight.
    I have no window treatments either, I just put paintings up because you don't have to wash them! :-)

  19. I hope you win! Your room already has some fabulous pieces. I'm sure it will look beautiful when you're finished. Wish I was closer [as usual], I love doing stuff like this!

    PS: Sorry for the late comment. I'm behind... XO

  20. I recently got rid of all the random junk from our bedroom and I love it now.

    Love the pic of you and hubby!


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