Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Bum is Broken

It has been a rough 6 days....

On Thursday afternoon, I fell down the basement stairs while carrying my Dyson. Don't worry the Dyson is fine. My poor rear end, however, is not. It is broken and has a crack in it.

I have bruised my tailbone and I can't sit for very long. It has made blogging nearly impossible. Thank goodness I have my iPhone so that I can keep in touch with the outside world while not sitting directly on my bum.

The reason I was carrying my Dyson down the stairs was because I had company coming. Imagine how upset I was that I couldn't finish getting my house ready because I couldn't bend over and walking was rather painful.

Note to my in-laws: If my house was not as clean or organized as usual, it is not my fault.

Thursday night, Calvin took over. He went to the store, cooked dinner, cleaned up dinner, got the kids out of the water outside (dang puddle) and then got them ready for bed. At 8pm, he collapsed on the couch and asked....How do women that work outside the home do that?

Mom's are awesome! What can I say?

So....our visit with the family went great. We ate well and had a nice time.

Alex thinks Poopa's beard is scatchy!

Nana wishes she had a sippy cup!

Uncle Robert loves his Mally Moo!

Those are some mighty big shoes to fill Alex!

Poopa bought the kids' a bench!

Three generations of Fred!


  1. looks like lots o'fun! i hope your tailbone heals quickly! personally...i would never vacuum again!
    by the are invited to my bloggy party. c'mon over!
    thanks for inspiring me to laugh and visit SLC!

  2. Oh man, sorry to hear about your bum. We're back in town now so once you're better we should get together.

  3. I've done that, except in my case there was alcohol involved....

    Hang in there, get a donut cushion, and get well soon. :)

  4. Glad you all had a good time (except for the pain)!

  5. Be careful Mama! Nothing's worse than a Mom-down.

    Glad you saved the Dyson. Do you like that thing? I have a vacuum fetish - always searching for the lightest one with the most powerful suction.

  6. yikes! You must get a donut to sit on. Not krispy kreme, the kind you blow up. I bruised my tail bone snowboarding and it saved me big time (the donut that is)...

  7. "It's broken and has a crack in it."

    I'm still giggling.

  8. sorry about your hiney (i can't tell you how long it's been since i used that word). get well soon!

  9. Ouch you poor thing! Heal Well!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!